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Slow interior design is more than aesthetic or a trend, it is a number of principles that together ensure a long-term relationship between the design, furniture or product and its owner. It encourages designers to produce work with value, rather than speed and cheapness such as mass production. Up-cycling, upholstering and sourcing second-hand and sustainable products all fall under slow interior design and help you get more for your money.

The larger slow movement promotes ‘doing things better, not faster’, as well as championing authenticity, consideration and artisanal goods amidst the backdrop of fast-paced consumerism. Slow living ideas have really stepped up a notch ever since the Covid-19 pandemic, as more people had a chance to reflect on how they lived their lives in an era of tumult. It’s also become less socially acceptable to consume and discard products at a rapid rate amidst the climate crisis, so the proliferation of slow-living interiors across Instagram is a sure sign of these changing times. The slow living lifestyle promotes calm interior design, creating a ‘slow home’ that reflects a more peaceful pace of life.

An example of slow interior design that Howson Design has produced is the bespoke bar areas for one of their client’s games room. The brief was to create a high-end games room and bar: a communal space for friends and family to get together. Katy, the designer and founder, project-managed this transformation from start to finish, arranging builders, electricians and a carpenter to provide slow design products for this games room, including a custom-made copper-top bar, bench seating, cladded wall and shelving (all designed by Katy) using reclaimed wood and using a local carpenter and upholsterer. Aside from creating bespoke pieces, Katy also took the time to source materials from local designers including the Beauvamp lampshades and Blackpopuk fabric.

ABOUT Howson Design

Howson Design is an interior design practice based in Nottinghamshire. They focus on timeless, sustainable style through the desires and needs of their clients. They believe every room should be joyous, unique and individual.

Behind the business lies a passionate creative with love for art, music and culture. Founder and interior designer Katy Raywood pivoted from a career as an art teacher to follow in her father’s footsteps as an entrepreneur. She is currently working on sustainable ’slow interior design’, it’s something that she feels very passionate about.


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