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Lisa Lloyd is a three dimensional paper artist who takes inspiration from nature and the contrast between its delicate details and immense raw power. It is a therapeutic immersive world that enables Lisa to process and express her own internal conflict between hope and fear. Through the physical aspect of sculpting, hand cutting paper and the connection she forms through expressive movement, colour and texture allow Lisa release these conflicting emotions. Here we share her story so far..

Can you tell us your backstory and how you got into the art world?

I worked in the music and animation industries in London for 15 years, working as a designer, animator and music video director. I self trained to create paper work part time and have now been a full time paper artist for approximately 4 years. Up until recently I have worked on private and commercial commissions, but last year I made the decision to also create self initiated artwork pieces and I am at the start of this exciting journey. I hope to create artworks full time and would like to start creating really large sculptural pieces, as well as decorative pieces with gilding, embossing and also making my own paper.




Can you tell us more about what influences your work?

Nature is my main inspiration. I love the beauty of its symmetry, texture, colours and patterns. Paper is the perfect medium to express the beauty of nature, with its tactile quality and vast range of colours and styles.

Nature provides endless inspiration with its beauty, while life and world events provoke feelings that I want to express, both emotionally and visually. I’m inspired and affected by what’s happening in the world now, I want to express that: I have constant mixed feelings of joy and anger, hope and frustration. I find that the mindful and immersive nature of working with paper helps me to channel my emotions and express them, creating a kind of meditative escapism.

I’m particularly drawn to birds, they are incredibly beautiful and expressive. I think their ability to fly and rise above things really resonates with me. I try to capture as much of that energy and movement as possible in my work, I want to try to bring my pieces to life.



Rise 03

How would you describe your signature style and technique?

My signature style is movement, depth and texture. When studying birds and nature I became aware that they rarely stand perfectly still. They are constantly moving in a flurry of colour and texture. I want to capture that dynamic energy in my work. I love the contrast between nature’s delicate details and immense raw power. The physical aspect of sculpting and hand cutting the paper, enables me to connect with the materials in a dynamic way, releasing my emotions through the work.

Are there any exhibitions or events you are planning?

I am currently working on a collaboration with a company called Barnard & Westwood, a 100 year old printing company based in London who work closely with the palace. We are collaborating on two fighting fish, they have gilded bespoke paper elements for me to work with. I’m really excited as this is a new creative journey for me.

After that I’m exhibiting at the StArt fair in October at the Saatchi gallery in London. I’m getting a collection of work together and it’s going to be a bit of a departure from my current style which is exciting.

What is the best advice you received as an artist?

I think one of the biggest challenges with creating anything is the critical inner voice. A need for perfection which makes creating impossible. Making art can be a really therapeutic private place to immerse ourselves and escape the worries of the day; so it’s really important to understand what our own minds are doing. Some of the most inspiring books I’ve read which have helped me with this are: Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, Art Matters by Neil Gaiman and The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron.

Photo credit: Moose Azim


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Cover photo credit: Russel Sach


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