A curated platform for next generation design and art

Our purpose is to elevate, promote and connect the voices of forward-thinking, innovative design-led lifestyle brands, interior designers and artists. 

We look under the surface to uncover the world of next generation design and art. By bringing them together we are creating a powerful resource full of information, connections and great opportunities.


Started in 2015 with a purpose to highlight and promote the talent of emerging and independent designers, brands and artists, ESTILA has evolved into a multi-discipline platform on a mission to bridge the gap between independent design and art. Over the past few years we helped over 400 brands gain exposure and contacts, which led to some amazing collaborative projects and partnerships.

ESTILA gives businesses a unique opportunity to showcase their work and products, connect with other like-minded people and find support for shaping their brand into the future. What started off as a publication has evolved into a fast growing community of interior designers, independent brands and artists. We encourage our community to be open-minded, to share experiences and knowledge, to embrace meaningful collaborations and to thrive together with a common goal – to collectively create an impactful voice that disrupts, challenges and moves design and creativity forward.


Our Values


We are friendly, honest and care deeply about the success of our members.


We embrace collaboration to deliver unique experiences and visibility that our members deserve.


We are open minded, ask questions and keep learning and searching for best ideas and opportunities our members can benefit from.


We use creativity for innovative ideas that push the boundaries of design in retail and hospitality.



ESTILA is powered by STUDIO/ESTILA, a brand development consultancy and marketing agency that specialises in creating experiential and storytelling brand strategies and collaborations for design and lifestyle businesses of the future.

Combining backgrounds in IT and technology with expertise in retail, design and hospitality, our growing team of strategic thinkers, storytellers, web developers and designers takes clients on a journey of growth possibilities beyond their imagination.

Consumer behaviour, market conditions, customer experience and journey are central to every project we are involved in. We put a heavy emphasis on how customers and clients engage with brands long term. Hence, each project we undertake is very different. To find out more about us please click here.

Our founder, Karolina Barnes, regularly speaks on the subject of storytelling in marketing, PR and sales at design-led trade shows and business events.