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A creative business community of purpose driven independent lifestyle and fashion brands, interior designers, artists and creatives

ESTILA initially started in 2015 as a magazine which focused on telling empowering stories of creative minds rather than trends and latest products.

Over the past few years, with each story told, this magazine has grown into a supportive community. A community of creatives with whom we engage through our publication, our design studio and business consultancyTHE ESTILA CIRCLEbrand directory and networking members platform launched in June 2020, ESTILA Hub and events. This is a place where brands, designers, artists and creatives can share their business journey, their story, wisdom, lessons learnt and challenges for our community to learn from, relate to and make that connection with.


We believe that successful and sustainable long term growth and prosperity of small creative businesses of the future lies in strategic collaborations. Therefore, our mission is to highlight, support and connect creative business founders to one another. With our content and business contacts we hope to:
1/ Open minds
2/ Educate
3/ Trigger creative sparks
4/ Open new opportunities to:
* Create new introductions between brands and businesses
* Generate collaborations for growth, brand awareness, exposure and brand alignment
* Attract and generate PR and business leads
To find out more about our community founders, please click here.


Throughout the year we publish our print bookazines twice a year, our newspaper bi-monthly and one special annual digital edition focusing on industry insights. All content is distributed directly to our subscribers and members. We have built a loyal readership and community which is very engaged and supportive. This way we are able to amplify and highlight the stories of creative businesses, brands and artists, giving them the opportunity to share what they have learnt, as well as their missions and visions. Everyone in our community is a potential advisor, collaborator or partner – whether that’s us, the reader or the brand we feature.


Created for savvy business owners, who recognise the power of strong brand identity and storytelling, the STUDIO’s aim is to make brands grow through strategic storytelling, campaigns, collaborations and partnerships. Our approach to brand communication, photography, branding, graphic and web design is based around clever, creative thinking with the aim to start an ongoing conversation with your customers and clients. Consumer experience, and how customers and clients engage with your brand, is very important to us. Hence, each project we undertake is very different. Unlike other studios and consultancies, we use our creativity but keep your brand’s identity and integrity.


An extension of extra support and exposure, THE ESTILA CIRCLE is a curated directory of business contacts in the design and lifestyle industries. Launched in June 2020 with almost 100 brands, businesses and creatives, we want to create a dynamic go-to tool for creative businesses when they are looking for collaborators, contacts and new business opportunities. Meet our member founders here.


ESTILA Hub (previously Atelier of Success) was created in January 2017 to support small emerging designers in interiors and fashion, independent lifestyle brands, up-and-coming artists and other creatives on their business journeys. It’s a growing Facebook group community where we share knowledge through transparency and honesty, articles, podcasts and other recommendations.


It is a well-known fact that networking is one of the most valuable uses of time in business in terms of return. Networking should be part of any marketing strategy, if you want your business to succeed.

Our events are based around collaborations and knowledge. By providing an opportunity to introduce small business owners to each other and to encourage sharing their business stories, we hope to create a business environment where they feel supported at any stage of their business journey.


ESTILA was founded by a multidisciplinary creative and business owner Karolina Barnes. Her business career started at the age of 14 when her parents founded a successful wholesale firm in the fireplace industry. After gaining her degree in economics and business studies, she started and ran the UK branch of her family business as well as running other businesses in various industries.

A brain tumour diagnosis made her re-evaluate her life, initially retraining as an interior designer and two years later she founded ESTILA. Apart from running ESTILA, she also teaches business founders on how to approach branding, PR, marketing and communication through the power of storytelling. Karolina regularly speaks on the subject of storytelling in marketing and communication at lifestyle trade shows and hosts workshops & networking events for creative brands and businesses.

Sustainability and environmental issues

We care deeply about our environment and future of our children. That’s why all printed materials we provide are FSC certified and where possible, we reuse packaging for posting. In our office we try our best to minimise waste, unnecessary printing and use only biodegradable and/or paper supplies. We are not there yet, but our goal is to become more self-efficient and environmentally more efficient in 2020.

Giving back

We believe that running a business gives us the opportunity to do good. Through our studio projects, publication, events and collaborations we raise money for Brain Tumour Charity UK.

Disclosure: This site may from time to time use affiliate links denoted by a (*). That means that when you click on a link that we recommend, we may receive a small commission. You will never pay more for a product or service because you are clicking on an affiliate link. If you prefer not to use affiliate links, you can simply go to the website directly from the browser.

Building customer loyalty



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