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Every day there are new brands entering the market. New collections and products are being launched. New design projects are being buzzed about on Instagram. Art events are happening all the time.  So how do you keep on top of it all? How do you weed out the not-so-good from the important. You could visit our online Journal with the latest industry news or follow our Instagram account but that it is not always practical when you don’t have time or forget to “check in”. There is so much happening that by the time you remember, you could be missing so much already.

That’s where our “In the Loop” newsletter comes in. Once every two weeks we send you a summary of what you should know about. From industry insights, news to exclusive interviews you get the first scoop. Because we believe that knowledge is power. When you are well informed, you can make better decisions. You can plan better. You can work better and smarter.

But that’s not all. By being part of our newsletter community you will also benefit from exclusive feature opportunities. On regular basis we do call outs for brand interviews and brand story spotlight features and your business could be one of them. Getting your message out there could not be easier when you’re “In the Loop”. 

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