Formed with Future Heritage 2022


formed with future heritage bamboo furniture by Mingyu Xu

October in London is filled with many exciting design fairs and events. One of them was Formed with Future Heritage hosted in the Design Centre Chelsea Harbour. Curated by journalist Corinne Julius, the event showcased up-and-coming and established independent makers and artists brought together not only for their unique design signatures and craft, but also their passion for the environment and sustainability.

For the show Corinne Julius carefully selected the cutting-edge designers at the forefront of craft. Their work is intellectually thoughtful, expresses potent narratives and is rigorously executed with makers pushing their chosen material or process in new directions. Work spans disciplines including ceramics, glass, metalwork, basketry and paper, to non-traditional materials such as mycelium. Many new pieces were created especially for the event. The imagination, diversity and techniques on display attested to the relevance of collectible craft today. 

Frances Priest


Interior designers, architects and art collectors could see talents such as Edinburgh-based Frances Priest who uses clay as a canvas to build layered surfaces and patterns.


Tom Hancock


Sheng Zhang, a metalsmith showcased a series of striking minimalistic vessels blending together traditional metal skills and digital technologies.

Another impressive installation was by Francisca Prieto, a London artist, who creates themed wall installations made from manuscripts and paper fragments.

Leora Honeyman


Next generation ceramicists such as Leora Honeyman and her striking objects, pots, glasses and coffee tables, and Elizabeth Degenszejn with her minimalist porcelain curvilinear sculptures were also part of the show.

formed with future heritage blast studio lamps
Blast Studio


Conscious creativity combined with environmental awareness was a key feature of the show. Finalists of the Loewe Craft Prize 2022, Blast Studio, has developed a technique to transform urban waste into a biomaterial that can be 3D printed into furniture and lighting. Scottish maker and artist Kaye June Bonnar presented colourful and textured basketry made using found and gathered materials from the seashore.

Another highlight was designer Mingyu Xu (cover image) who draws on his Chinese cultural heritage to explore bamboo weaving as an environmentally friendly material to create modular furniture.

formed with future heritage pyramid vases

About Corinne Julius

Corinne Julius has a track record for spotting the next big thing and alumni who have gone on to great things include Juliette Bigley, Eleanor Lakelin, Marcin Rusak, Kaori Tatebayashi, Nic Webb, Jie Wu, Vezzini & Chen, Naomi McIntosh, Marlene Huissoud, James Shaw, Celia Dowson, Luke Hope, Frances Pinnock and Anna Ray.

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