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Founded in 2020, Balena is a material science company who have spent the last years developing a breakthrough compostable and biodegradable thermoplastic material in a mission to create a circular model for footwear and solving one of the fashion industry’s biggest challenges: disassembly and end of life.

BioCir™ is a flexible and fully compostable thermoplastic material, reducing toxic, fossil fuel-based materials used in the fashion and footwear industries. BioCir™ can be used for 3D printing using filaments, or or in pallets for mass production injunction moulding. Products made of BioCir™ reach their end of life responsibly in a biological recycling mechanism, including full decomposition and biodegradation of the material back to the ground safely, and by that completing a fully circular process required for a sustainable future.

Industry Disruption:

Balena is collaborating with leading global brands and companies to implement BioCir™ and make it accessible across diverse industries at large. Balena’s top priority is to continue disrupting the materials industry by innovating and developing cutting edge circular materials to replace hazardous, polluting, non-compostable, and synthetic materials currently in use across different industries.  

Balena is not only a material science company; it has its own in-house product design studio that has designed and produced the first product made entirely of BioCir™, the BioCir™ Slides, designed and manufactured in Italy. The Slides will be presented to the market for the first time in summer 2022, with a limited drop that will be sold exclusively online in the Balena store.

Bio Cycling:

Balena offers the first flexible and fully compostable thermoplastic material in the world, the BioCir™. With polluting plastics making up about 60% of clothing material worldwide, leading global fashion brands are racing to find sustainable solutions to handle their products’ end of life. BioCir™ enables the creation of fully compostable and biodegradable consumer goods products, with the ability to control a products end-of-life status.

The product goes through decomposition and biodegradation in a compost environment without leaving waste or contamination that damages the earth and oceans. With a highly scalable manufacturing process, BioCir™ allows for products to be manufactured for consumer goods on a mass scale using 3D printing and by injection moulding. BioCir™ unique set of innovative features sets it apart from all other sustainable materials created for the fashion industry.

Industry experts:

Balena’s team includes a unique combination of talent across diverse disciplines, bringing together rich experiences to create a ground-breaking solution based on science, tech, innovation and design. Backed by the facts, yet ahead of the curve, the team is working to solve one of the biggest challenges of our times and answer the urgent need for sustainable solutions in the material industry.

Balena’s slides

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