The year in collaboration: Creating Botanical Fantasy with Coast and Alexandra Gallagher


Alexandra Gallagher and Coast limited edition collection

2022 has shown that collaboration is the go-to strategy for many fashion brands. As customers demand more unexpected and unique experiences in retail, many brands are finding creative ways to fulfil that need. Combining forces for collaboration not only helps to capture customer attention, but it also is a great opportunity for unique narratives to be developed and communicated across social media channels and other marketing touchpoints, making all parties involved stand out.

Success in 2023 will depend on brand’s ability to use creative thinking in retail strategies and deliver collaborations and cross-collaborations that exceed customer expectations. For fashion brands in particular, one of the most obvious collaborations to explore is joining forces with an artist. One example of such collaboration where “fashion meets art” is the 2022 Coast collaboration with a multidisciplinary artist Alexandra Gallagher. Closely working together they created a limited-edition collection called “Botanical Fantasy”.

Launched for the summer season, and based around the concept of celebrating the beauty of nature through imaginative and storytelling prints, the collection married Alexandra’s impeccably detailed designs and vibrant colour-rich palettes with Coast’s exquisite craftsmanship and premium fabrications, which they are known for, taking occasionwear to new, fantastical realms. Loved by customers and press alike, the collaboration created a great buzz because of its unique narrative and design.


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From innovative social retail, disruptive beauty brands to natural luxe interiors and maximalist art, this edition is a must-read for any creative.

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