Introducing British fashion label DAI London



Introducing DAI, a new fashion brand on a mission to make tailored womenswear functional. Here we chat with its founder Joanna Dai.

What has been your journey so far?

After an 8-year finance career I noticed how the athleisure trend has taken off and I asked myself if dressing for work could feel like dressing for yoga class. I believe comfort is confidence, and I believe that comfort can optimise our presence and performance at work. So I created our first collection featuring the power of Sensitive® Fabrics. The debut collection includes dresses, trouser suits and  blouses for professional women.

What’s so different about your brand?

DAI is performance wear for the professional woman. Firstly, our innovative technical fabrics do everything your leisurewear does, but with smart, tailored lines. Second, our collection balances modern aesthetics, timeless silhouettes, and purposeful functionality. For example, all our dresses come with spacious pockets for large smartphones. Finally, at our core is a firm commitment to sustainability and social good.

How do you define style?

Personally, I like minimalist style with clean lines and angles. The Dai’s first collection reflects exactly what I’m about.

How important is sustainability to you and your brand?

Sustainability is at the centre of our brand. I’ve made my mission to strive for the best in all aspects of our environmental and social impact. Our modern yet timeless silhouettes are designed to be essential and impactful season after season. We offer full transparency of our supply chain from start to finish too. Plus, I encourage greener, energy saving and chemically safer ways to care for our products without compromising on quality and practicality.


Dai details:



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