Chloe Yandell: Abstract art that evokes calm


Chloe Yandell artist in studio

A Wiltshire-based artist Chloe Yandell creates atmospheric narratives through her abstract landscape art pieces. Chloe’s paintings are uplifting and immersive, drawing the viewer in through textural and mark-making layers, evoking a feeling of calm and wellbeing.

Here we chat to Chloe Yandell about her story so far…

Can you tell us your backstory and how you got into the art world?

I am a versatile artist based in Bath in the UK. I grew up on the outskirts of London and moved to Bath in 1996 to study Conceptual Fine Art at Bath Spa University College. I originally came to Bath as a painter, but throughout my degree installation sculpture and photography became my main body of work. I continued my education to gain a PGCE in Secondary Art and Design.

After spending time to concentrate on teaching and raising a family I re-connected with my art practice and painting, moving into a new workspace in 2016. My studio is on a farm in Corsham, Wiltshire surrounded by beautiful countryside and full of rustic charm and inspiration.

After developing my style, I started to build on my profile and look for opportunities to exhibit locally. I am now represented by galleries in the South-West which includes Rostra Gallery who has successfully exhibited my work in Bath, online and at events such as the Affordable Art Fair and Fresh Art Fair.

Another gallery that I am represented by is Colour and Space in Perranporth, Cornwall, I visited Perranporth often as a child, so it is a place close to my heart.

Local to my studio is The Corsham Gallery which I currently support as a resident artist.

I have recently exhibited with The Other Art Fair at London’s Truman Brewery, which was a great success. It was such a great opportunity to showcase my work to the public, gaining insight and inspiration from engaging conversation and meeting other creatives in the community.

How would you describe your signature style and technique?

Within my practice I use a variety of mediums to convey a concept. Exploring and investigating ideas, techniques and processes are a big part of my work, focusing on texture and mark making. My abstract pieces I often see as poetic paintings, a narrative intertwined in an atmospheric landscape. Often my techniques and pieces evolve through the exploration of the creative journey.

Evoking the onlooker’s memory so they can read what they want from the paintings, which can be different from one person to the next, the paintings taking on a different identity each time they are viewed.

I take inspiration from my local environment, memories, and materials but often I will create through a process of limiting influence and emptying the content of thought, adding an honesty and innocence to my paintings, a scraping back to being all about the materials and their potential.

Carving into the piece itself is a theme that runs through my body of work and presently I’m exploring how different qualities of gold leaf react with other materials.


How important are colour and shape in your work?

Colour, shape and their composition are strong elements in my work. Often, I use blues and golds, but this year I have been exploring other palettes such as rich reds, calm corals and light greens continuing to include my unique style and techniques, using many layers of colour to create depth and texture. The project I’m working on at the moment is a new collection of work consisting of a variety of hexagon shaped paintings using geometrical themes.

Are there any exhibitions or events you are planning?

I will be featured in the Art Edit of House and Garden Magazine January 2023 issue. I hope to exhibit again in local pop ups and London fairs in the coming year.

What is the best advice you received as an artist?

The best advice I have received as an artist is to believe in yourself, your work and its style. Also, the importance of not giving up, having the resilience and positive approach in continuing to seek and pursue opportunities.

Chloe Yandell details:

For more information please visit Chloe Yandell’s website.

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