Introducing BEEN London: a fashion accessories brand on a mission to change the narrative on waste


BEEN London sustainable handbags

BEEN London is a British accessories brand that makes their entire bag collection from recycled materials. This brilliant brand is championing sustainability by problem solving the detrimental effects overconsumption has on our environment.

BEEN London’s story started with a coffee cup… or rather, the waste left behind from endless throwaway, single use coffee cups. This problem of waste was one that really got under the skin of former BBC journalist and BEEN London’s founder, Genia Mineeva, who then began exploring the use of recyclable materials and how waste could be repurposed to create something new. It was here she discovered the exciting and untapped potential of innovative recycled materials that rescued landfill-bound items.

Since its launch in 2018, with the help of Kickstarter, the BEEN London has since won multiple awards for their efforts in sustainability and captured the attention of many with their timeless, yet fun and vibrant, designs for the everyday.

Through creativity and innovation, the brand is changing the narrative on waste, rescuing materials such as discarded tannery offcuts, post-consumer waste plastic and even pineapple leaves and apple skins.

Tannery offcuts and trimmings are recycled into new rolls of buttery-soft leather, pineapple leaves and apple skins are repurposed into vegan leather and post-consumer single use plastics are remade into zips and hardware. The collections are then all handmade locally in East London, by an all-female team who are supported by a London living wage. A zero-waste approach ensures that all materials in the production are being utilised, further minimising the impact on the environment.

Furthermore, with every item sold one tree is planted in Peru (through the work of Tree-Nation). As well as their own collections BEEN London have worked on some exciting collaborations, having joined forces with the likes of Amelia Windsor, Candice Braithwaite, DHL and most recently YMC.


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