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Benji Lewis’s Zoom that Room virtual design service

The pandemic forced many interior designers to rethink their service offering especially in lockdowns. A virtual design was a service that could serve clients remotely and hence had risen in popularity during COVID. Some designers offered the service only when they couldn’t see and meet clients in person, others have added it firmly to their service portfolio.

One such designer is Benji Lewis who came up with “Zoom That Room”.

When COVID hit, from London to LA and Sydney to Paris, house bound clients were more focussed on making their personal spaces work hard for them combining office and home life in a way they have never previously considered.

Zoom That Room is a contact free, bespoke design offer that could help them with creating multi-functional spaces they needed. A one-hour home consultation costs from £150 per zoomed room. Through which ever video communications platform they choose (FaceTime/Zoom etc), clients can dial in with Benji and discuss their interior design issues and aspirations in return for a tailored advice specific to them.

Benji, who operates from bases in the UK and France, hosts Zoom That Room sessions with clients across all types of property – from studio flats to country retreats, chateaus and townhouses. Known for his creative, thoughtful but accessible and non-judgemental approach, Benji has conducted many virtual bespoke consultations since its launch. These range from simple advice to the start of significant refurbishments across the UK, US, Paris, LA and Sydney.

Benji says, “My job is to help and inspire my clients and to celebrate the space they have created by lifting it to its true potential. I feel honoured to be invited into their homes and take my privileged role as an advisor very seriously – and of course it is great fun and so interesting uncovering peoples true passions and style inspirations.

I love virtually walking through their rooms with them and helping them develop their vision. You don’t need big bucks, you need advice,  ingenuity,  an open mind  and very often you don’t have to buy anything new at all. And that is what I love so much about my new venture! For some of my ‘Zoomers’  it is a one off great experience and for others it has been the start of a bigger relationship.”

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For daily updates and design tips follow Benji on Instagram @benjilewisdesign



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