Wylding story: designing a boiler suit out of need


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The Wylding story began when two friends, Millie Dornan and Daniela Bohling, took upon a challenge of swimming in the Thames in September 2019.

As they recall: “Seventeen women showed up – we giddily greeted each other on the side of the A417 and then, en-masse, silently proceeded to mount a gate, cross a field and strip down to our swimmer’s riverside. Spurred on by our collective ambition not to let one another down, we slipped into the murky, fast flowing waters together. We squealed. We gasped. We panicked. Some of us cursed. We were exhilarated to our core, strangers united by bravery and folly. A WhatsApp group was created, we were swimming through winter.”

The more they took part in these swimming sessions, the more they were hooked. But as time went on they realised that if they wanted to fit swimming in the wild in between work and home obligations, they needed efficiency, minimal gear and, ideally, to look smart enough straight after a swim so that they could go into a meeting, head to the shops or just grab a coffee without looking like they had been “dragged out of a hedge.”


As they continued to brainstorm ideas they also realised that they needed something lightweight and easy to move in and wanted warmth post swim without bulky layers and tons of kit. Clumsily pulling clothes onto damp bodies, while freezing and trying to dress with numb fingers was always the worst part of their swimming sessions.

“One day when we emerged from the Afon Teifi in Wales and hurriedly clambered into a combination of thermal fleece and boiler suit layers, the idea for the suit was born. Although initially designed with post swim ease and warmth in mind, we have since reached for our W Y L D I N G suit on many occasions – camping, SUP, post surf, chilly beach days, dog walks, sailing, gardening and for any outdoor spectator sports, festival, or outdoor social event you can think of. If there is ever a time that you pop on a coat but wish you didn’t look and feel like the Michelin man the W Y L D I N G suit is for you.”

Thermally lined and with a relaxed fit, the suit is available in Burgundy, Marine Blue, Moss Green and Midnight Black, and is designed to be worn with only underwear or swimwear underneath allowing the wearer to move unencumbered while staying warm. The technical properties of the fabric, along with the considered silhouette, makes the chilly transition into and out of cold water fast, effortless, and stylish for all blue health seekers.

Wylding details:

For more information about Wylding and to see their suits and accessories please visit wylding.co.uk



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