Woven art inspired by travel memories by Safomasi


safomasi woven art

Inspired by memories of mountain travels, Safomasi’s first collection of woven and handprinted fabric wall hangings are designed to evoke nostalgia and wanderlust.

Each piece in this series of three handwoven artworks illustrates a different stage of the day-long journey from the city up to the mountains. Starting with the ‘Fields’ wall hanging driving through lush green fields to the ‘River’ wall hanging crossing the bridge as the sun sets, to the ‘Mountain’ wall hanging arriving at your destination to twinkling nighttime lights. Handwoven in wool they instantly bring a large splash of colour and texture to any room.


Fields Journey


River Journey


Mountain Journey


Waterfall View

About Safomasi

Safomasi is an award winning independent interiors brand with storytelling at its heart. Founded in 2012 by British-Indian couple Sarah Fotheringham and Maninder Singh, Safomasi create playful, figurative prints full of colour and character inspired by their travels all over the world.

Their vibrant designs are brought to life by skilled printers, weavers and quilters in India where they employ a small team of tailors in their South Delhi studio. They are committed to high quality craftsmanship that is made to last and ethical, sustainable small batch production, with many products custom made to order.

Since 2019 Sarah and Maninder have been based in St. Albans, Hertfordshire, travelling back to their studio in Delhi as often as possible.

For more information please visit Safomasi website.

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