Victory Colours x Olenka Design: Bringing together paint and wallpaper to spread joy


victory colours and Olenka Design wallpaper

A British luxury homeware brand Olenka Design recently collaborated with an independent family paint business Victory Colours on a collection of rich, bold and vibrant paint colours that aim to energise the mind and bring a sense of joy and happiness in interiors.

The new paint range was carefully curated around Olenka’s Alice wallpaper collection of folk-inspired floral designs. The intricate floral and distinct botanical designs and patterns are a modern take on a traditional folk art and painting style called Khokhloma. Initially hand-painted using brush and inks, the designs are then translated into a digital format thoughtfully considering the scale and colours of each pattern.

From bold, bright hues to more muted tones, the 12 beautiful paints have a technically advanced formulation which gives them an outstanding resistance to stains. All Victory Colours paints have great washability properties, making them the perfect choice for families or households with pets. Due to its high opacity, they also give greater coverage, meaning that they not only save time but are cost-effective too!

Unlike some other paints, Victory Colours paint has been formulated to use only the highest quality ingredients. The paint has virtually zero VOC’s, and is solvent-free, making it highly eco-friendly.

The Paint Industry has been subject to huge upheavals and change over the recent past. Changes in environmental regulations have brought about several product developments, where manufacturers have been required to reduce VOCs and solvents in paints and update long existing formulations. As they are a smaller company, they are able to be dynamic, can quickly embrace new technologies, and improve their product quickly and effectively.


Victory Colours

Founder of Victory Colours says, “We not only wanted to produce a technically superior eco conscious paint, we also wanted to create a new business model which offered consumers a paint which had minimal impact on the environment from ‘the cradle to the grave’ of the product’s life cycle. This is represented by taking a comprehensive and holistic approach to our manufacturing, sales and distributions processes rather than focussing on one single criteria such as VOC content.

There are several key contributors to the environmental footprint of household paint, for instance: extraction of raw materials, transport journey’s to and from the factory, wholesalers, retailers and to the consumers, durability of the paint surface and length of time before it needs re-painting.  Many ‘zero-VOC’ paints are based on natural clays and oils which are not robust and have a greater environmental impact due to an increased maintenance cycle.

Our business model has endeavoured to be environmentally-friendly all along the whole chain, for instance: we make our paint to order, meaning it is always fresh; we don’t hold stock as holding inventory in various warehouses up and down the country means there is an associated financial and environmental cost of getting our paint to the warehouse and then onwards onto the customer; and we use packaging that is either recycled or made from fast growing sustainable sources such as bamboo. The net result is lower energy expenditure and reduced transport emissions, lower packaging impact, less waste, and less products sitting in warehouses waiting to be delivered (or not).”

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