New Tender collection by abstract painter Lisa-Marie Price


Lisa-marie price abstract painter

A London-based abstract painter Lisa-Marie Price just released a collection of art pieces called “Tender”.

Using her trademark handmade watercolours sourced from natural earth pigments, the collection is made from a subtle, tender colour palette from rocks foraged by Lisa from various UK locations such as London, Hampshire, Wales and Scotland.

Lisa hand makes each paint from scratch. Crushing the rocks into a powder and binding them using a gum arabic, then mulling them into watercolour. Care and attention is taken to make each paint.


Lisa is an environmentally focused abstract painter. She works primarily with handmade watercolours sourced from natural earth pigments.

The central purpose of her work is to raise awareness of our delicate natural landscapes and the ever-worsening climate crisis. She uses sustainable and eco-conscious methods in her practice to highlight overconsumption and careless consumerism.

The physicality of paint making with earth pigments forges a deep-rooted connection to the materials she uses, both from urban and rural settings.

Although her paintings are subtle in their appearance, they examine big topics – climate change, sustainability, ecology and our food systems are the main motivations behind her work. Researching and staying informed on these topics allows Lisa to challenge our ingrained patterns and behaviours through her paintings.

View the full collection here.


EVENT: Lisa is also leading a paint making workshop on Saturday 13th August 2022. To find out more:



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