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Lora gene fashion brand

For over a decade, as a British contemporary womenswear brand, Lora Gene has been championing sustainability, size inclusivity, and the diverse beauty of the female form, as well as change and innovation in the fashion industry.

“Lora Gene is not just one woman’s vision; it is not self-centred. It’s a collaborative concept that welcomes and is designed to acknowledge diverse views about women and their needs and desires. Women of all sizes, ages and races”,  says its founder Lora Niklaeva.

From recent collaborations with inclusivity advocate and influencer Aja Barber to her campaign to reimagine Black Friday, Lora’s vision has always been to create an authentically sustainable brand that acts as an inclusive space for women of all sizes, races and ages. Never afraid to speak truthfully about her interests, insights and experience, Lora is passionate about sustainable fashion and is vocal about ageism and greenwashing in the industry.


Modelling from the age of 16, Lora gained first-hand experience of the ugly side of the fashion world. Through her career, she not only experienced the damaging mental and physical effects of stereotypical casting but saw the wider implications of how the industry treats women who don’t fit the industry mould.

As a result, LORA GENE has always aimed to break this mould by designing timeless styles for all female forms – no matter what size, age or race, and casting real women who represent the society we live in.

Partly born out of a frustration with claims from mainstream brands that plus-size women were too hard to design for, Lora’s partnership with diversity activist and influencer Aja Barber makes the brand’s collections inclusive and accessible beyond a UK size 28.


Born and raised in Bulgaria, Lora’s understanding of sustainability is engrained within every process, starting with design.

“I think places, where resources are scarce, are sustainable by default. You just don’t have much to waste”, says Lora. “Seeing the approach of the western brands we’re used to working with and the countless samples that are thrown away, it made me reimagine how I would do things differently.”

With true sustainability at its heart, LORA GENE is a B Corporation business, committed to creating positive change towards a more sustainable future. This certification ensures an ongoing dedication to the principles of fair trade, supporting fair wages, good working conditions, gender equality, transparency and the utmost care for the environment.

Aiming to bring affordable, sustainable options to a wider audience, LORA GENE clothing is also available to rent on peer-to-peer fashion rental app By Rotation and to buy using the ‘buy now, pay later’ system Klarna.

Lora Gene details:

For more information about Lora Gene and to see their latest collection please visit loragene.com



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