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Louisa Boyd artist

In her work a multidisciplinary artist Louisa Boyd is inspired by the natural world and shows her fascination with the innate human response to nature. Louisa’s work conveys the message that “the natural world and the elements give us a way to navigate not just geographically but also emotionally through life.”

After graduating in 2001, she created a series of paper sculptures that used bookbinding to support them. These books gained a lot of recognition with awards right at the start of her career.

Louisa Boyd’s artwork honours traditional techniques such as acid etching and marbling, but also a multitude of other techniques including abstract mark making and paper sculpturing. She uses an explorative and inventive approach to make her pieces, pushing the materials she uses and combining techniques to understand how they can work in unison.

She says, “Materials and technique also play an important role in all the pieces I make, and I dedicate a lot of time to experimentation. This may be with paper, printmaking or even digital media. I like to push materials and combining techniques to understand how they can work in conjunction with one another.

Often one piece of work will lead on to the next; my etchings are photographed to create my screen prints, and prints are reworked into end papers for artist’s books, cut paper pieces and sculptures. By bringing numerous complex processes together I feel I am able to produce unique, innovative aesthetic responses to the themes I am working with.

Despite the fact that many of us live detached from the natural environment in cities with lives governed by technology, we are still able to understand the powerful symbolism that nature depicts. We can relate to these themes with ease, understanding that a tree can represent stability and growth and that we associate the night sky with dreams, a connection to that which is beyond our reach and a contemplation of our place within the universe.

My interpretations of the terrestrial and celestial environment focus on the connection between these two spaces. The symbols need little explanation, they are meant to be accessible to all; to illustrate the intrinsic human connection to nature. At the moment I am also working with a series of geometric forms called the Platonic Solids and polyhedral variations of these.

Plato suggested that each one of these three-dimensional, regular forms represented an element of the natural world: fire, earth, water, air and the fifth element, difficult to define, became known as aether. A recurring theme in my work, aether was once thought to relate to the space beyond our planet or the celestial sphere.”

Some of Louisa Boyd’s artwork


Louisa is interested in working with interior designers and art collectors, please get in touch!

For more information about Louisa’s art pieces, please visit louisaboyd.com



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