Leucos stackable lighting now reimagined for modern interiors


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Under the new direction of Abramo Manfrotto, LEUCOS invited renowned architect David Rockwell to reimagine the Stacking Collection, which he originally designed in 2007. The existing collection, composed of three floor lamps made of handblown glass cylinders of different colours and sizes, is now joined by a series of striking new horizontal chandeliers and vertical pendants.

The same concept influenced the Stacking collection will be presented in Milan at EUROLUCE. The iconic Stacking lamp will be redefined with new models and colours: a horizontal pendant version offered in two sizes, and three vertical pendant lamps with the option for a wall application.


Designed in 2007 by David Rockwell, Stacking is a human-scale floor lamp inspired by traditional Japanese lacquered stacking cups. Comprising individual hand-blown cylinders of coloured glass modules, Stacking can be stacked to form a radiant, atmospheric column. These glass modules were made with a traditional Venetian handblown glass technique called “incamiciato” (Italian for “jacketed” or “layered”), where a Maestro glass blower uses multiple layers of glass, each of different transparencies and properties. This labour-intensive technique has brilliant results, as it allows for different tones and opacity in each module. Assembled into each other, the cylinders result in chromatic overlays propagating light in a sophisticated way.

“Stacking has always been one of my favourite lamps and a key product for Rockwell Group,” says David Rockwell, founder and President of Rockwell Group. “It has shown us the power of modularity and transformation, even on a small scale. I am thrilled that Leucos invited us to redesign Stacking for a new era and for multiple environments.” 


The lighting fixtures include a set of horizontal pendant lamps in three sizes and three vertical pendant lamps with the option for a wall application. The modular glass cylinders are now slightly narrower than the original collection for a more delicate, refined look. Vibrant colour combinations, from amber, tobacco, white to fume and orange, were inspired by mid-century Murano glass and are interspersed with elements in contemporary metallic finishes, creating graphic dynamism. The horizontal luminaires feature metal end caps, and dimmable LEDs offer the possibility of creating a more direct or softer light, depending on preferences.

Drawing upon the studio’s extensive experience with lighting design for theatre, hospitality, retail and restaurants, Rockwell Group has now transformed Stacking for a variety of uses and environments, allowing designers to combine and create their own compositions in a modular and flexible way.

“Stacking is one of our most successful products. Its timeless design is captivating and suitable for a multitude of environments in residential settings, as well as corporate and hospitality.

Transforming this product, originally imagined for floor use, into a suspension, was no easy task. David and his team did an incredible job and as soon as we saw the early sketches, we knew we had a masterpiece!” says Abramo Manfrotto, CEO of Leucos.


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