Gessi: A sensory experience at Salone del Mobile 2023


gessi at salone de mobile in Milan

Since its founding in 1992, Gessi has been able to take what others consider a purely functional product and turn it into “haute couture” tapware. With its continuous innovation in design and aesthetic quality, this year at Salone del Mobile in Milan the brand exhibited inside the new Design pavilion, surrounded by the most prestigious furniture brands.

For Gessi, “haute culture” is the expression of the utmost experimentation of material, shape and technique. The beauty of its product creations is inspired by nature, starting with the water that shapes each element. The design layout of the main stand at the Salone, as well as at its CASA GESSI MILANO showroom and the GESSI LOUNGE, was characterised by a welcoming atmosphere, almost as if it were an embrace toward guests and visitors.

With hospitality and wellbeing in mind, visitors could enjoy the three spaces by taking moments of relaxation in otherwise busy surroundings that are typical for the design festival.

The Project Boutique, a specially created consulting space, reflected the ultimate sensory experience complemented by the Gessi’s collections on display. Even though the materials and finishes of the products were used as starting points, it was also very important to deliver a highly personalised experience where people could relax and feel truly special.

Four product display stations, each equipped with a glass-top chest of drawers, showcased materials and finishes from the collections personally presented by a sales assistant wearing gloves and delivered on a leather mat, as if you were in a luxury jewellery store.

This sensory experience with small personal touches and details made the visitor feel like they were inside an atelier, rather than a tapware showroom or stand. This was a space where the artefact became a long-lasting, exclusive, exciting product to be handled with the utmost delicacy, care and attention, similar to handling a precious jewel.

As Gian Luca Gessi points out, “For us, it is fundamental to focus on the experiences that people live. In an unusual way, they are brought toward the exaltation of the main subject of the most intimate space, both at the level of aesthetic and sensory design, through the regenerating element of water.”


About Gessi

Gessi has been designing and manufacturing exclusive bathroom and kitchen fittings and furnishings for almost 30 years. Today, the Gessi brand is acknowledged worldwide for its fashionable bathroom designs for all types of interiors, from hotels, spas to yachts and private residences. The brand has showrooms in Milan, London, Dubai, Singapore and Tokyo.


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