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glaze me pretty

The “Introducing” is a series of interviews or stories of independent lifestyle and design brands that you have probably not heard of yet. It’s an introduction to the brand story so you can learn more about them. Here we share the story of  a pottery brand “Glaze Me Pretty”.

Glaze me Pretty is a one-woman pottery business. Founded by a self-taught ceramicist Raquel Acosta, Glaze Me Pretty offers beautiful everyday handmade ceramic objects. From mugs, candle sticks to bowls and spoons, each Glaze Me Pretty object is made in trademark pastel and earthy colours.

Raquel is in charge of every aspect of the business, from making pots to packing orders and anything in between. The name ‘Glaze me Pretty’ came to her when she was learning how to make pots but didn’t know how to glaze yet, so the idea of “glaze me pretty” was fascinating and timely.

Raquel learnt that glazes form crystals whilst molten in the same way that rocks and minerals form beneath the earth’s surface and this immediately hooked her; she knew from then that was what she wanted to do.

glaze me pretty pastel mugs

Raquel says, “I find joy in making simple everyday objects beautiful. A mug that you look at before taking a sip, in the middle of a stressful day. A bowl that you pick up from the cupboard and stare at, discovering a little detail you hadn’t seen before.”

She develops each glaze over many months in search of the quality that makes her products so unique. It could be glazes with crystals formed by molecules bonding into a beautiful pattern, or glazes which naturally create patterns of multiple colours during the process.

Available for purchase are for example spoon rests, glazed with a beautiful crystalline glaze, each with a unique pattern off-set against a blue background.

The minimalist, elegant candle sticks are perfect for mixing and matching ornate candles for a pop of colour.

The mugs are off-set against a golden background and produced in a similar way as the spoon rests. Perfect for a morning coffee or cheering up during the day in the office.

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