Fora Form launches new workspace furniture with Nordic expression


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A Norwegian market leader in contract furniture, Fora Form, presented its new Knekk collection of workspace furniture at the Stockhold Furniture Fair earlier this month. Originally launched as a Knekk bar stool, the collection now includes chairs, tables and benches in solid wood.

The Knekk bar stool with the characteristic two-part seat top was designed by Jon Fauske and since its release in 2019 it has become particularly popular in workplaces where creativity is at the centre and in social zones in workplaces and hospitality. With its elegant design and functionality in one, it is not surprising that its popularity is rising.

The Knekk collection is made for creativity and social meeting places in timeless and sturdy solid oak. The furniture has a clear and clean Nordic expression, good comfort, great width and overall a stylish look. And combined with leather and brass details, the collection gives a little bit extra when it comes to exclusivity.

The Knekk Chair

The new Knekk chair creates both space for reclining reflection and forward-leaning discussion due to the two-part seat plate. The chair comes both with and without armrests and has an elegant look. The chair can also be supplied with fixed seat cushions in the seat and back for additional comfort. The chair without armrests can be stacked.

“Knekk chair is not ostentatious in its form, but friendly and welcoming in its function. It automatically creates a sitting position that allows you to lean against the table for discussions or a meal, without having to sit forward on the chair. Our furniture should always be human centric and give that little something extra to support meetings between people.”, says Thomas Haram, CEO of Fora Form

Knekk Table

The Knekk Wood table incorporates the unique Knekk design element through its split table top. Supported by a frame of elegant, solid oak, the table top can be supplied in different colours to create a dynamic contrast. The distinctive solid oak centre plate offers additional character, becoming a natural home for your table accessories. The centre plate can also be delivered as a cable hatch with a hidden well. Knekk tables come in four lengths. The largest ones have a centrepiece, while the smallest table has a clean, two-section plate. Together with the Knekk chair and Knekk bench, the Knekk table creates a comprehensive and distinct Nordic expression that stands out from the crowd.

Knekk Bench

Knekk bench helps you find the best sitting position. It brings with it the forward-leaning profile of the popular Knekk bar stool, allowing for natural movement in the seated position. It invites both leaning forward discussion and leaning back reflection, without the tipping feeling. Knekk bench contributes pleasant variation alongside Knekk chair and enhances a holistic Nordic look for seating areas.


While it is a demanding market, many companies are making changes to their offices after the pandemic. The battle for labour is fierce and those who want to draw employees out of the home office and into the office must think differently. What people want when they come to the office is not a sea of desks, but social zones, meeting places and multifunctional rooms. That is exactly what we at Fora Form aim to deliver.”, says Thomas.

About Fora Form

Fora Form is one of Scandinavia’s largest furniture manufacturers for breakout zones where people meet. Their vision is to facilitate interactions in four focus areas: Eat together, work together, breathe together and experience together.

Since the 1950s, they have used design as a strategic tool to create good meeting places in the contract market. Through innovation and good design, their ambition is to create good interactions wherever people meet in the future.


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