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The “Introducing” is a series of interviews or stories of independent lifestyle and design brands that you have probably not heard of yet. It’s an introduction to the brand story, giving your more insight into the brand. Here we share the story of an independent skincare brand “Zawadi Naturals”.

Can you tell us the backstory of the brand? How and why it was started?

My name is Bunmi, I am the founder of Zawadi Naturals, a mum of 2 young girls, who was also working in the city in a Global Fortune 500 bank.  I had experimented with various natural products over the years for my first daughter’s painful eczema and successfully resolved the condition by sticking to my grandmother’s recipes and other native, relatively unknown plants, bark and herbs.

Friends and family members would also constantly request for one of my herbal salves, soaps or body butters, whenever they had problematic skin conditions or just wanted something nourishing for their skin. I was happy to make them, especially after seeing the results on their skin.

During the COVID 19 lock down, I was working from home and under extreme stress. I found myself looking forward to my various body butters and soaps after a long day. These products got me through really tough times and made me feel powerful to take on the next day. I then decided to live out my name (Bunmi means God’s gift) by starting a business with the aim of giving people the gift of skin confidence, giving them the power to heal their mind, body and soul by relying on nature to help them look and feel their absolute best!

What is different about Zawadi Naturals products?

Our products are made with intention, are vitamin-rich and have therapeutic benefits.  There is a story behind every single product, ancient African art practised for thousands of years is combined with modern science to help people of all races feel powerful in their own skin. Each Zawadi Naturals product is part of a beauty ritual ceremonially or traditionally practised in many parts of Africa, to bring you healing, health and abundance.

We are on a never-ending quest to discover rare and super effective ancient beauty secrets and ingredients that are natural, plant-based, microbiome-friendly and kind to people’s skin. Our products are made with natural and organic ingredients, never tested on animals and aim to take customers on an exotic journey to enable them reconnect with nature in its purest form.

How important is sustainability to Zawadi Naturals and what measures fo you take to be more sustainable?

Sustainability is the foundation upon which our company was built. There is an African proverb that says ‘ Do not throw mud into the well that gave you water’ . In our business, we apply the principle behind this proverb by ensuring that we use natural resources in a way that does not cost the earth.  We want to leave the planet in a better condition for generations unborn.  

For our packaging, we use glass jars and bottles such as ultra-violet Miron glass. Miron glass is not only sustainable but also scientifically proven to increase the potency of natural and organic products, keeping them fresher for longer.

As our ingredients are found in nature, it is our responsibility to ensure that we do not cause further harm to the environment, so we are deliberate about the ingredients that we use.  We are also against deforestation and do not use palm oil in any of our products for this reason.

We are continuously looking for ways to be more sustainable from our packaging, the ingredients that we use to our relationships with partners and suppliers.

Your favourite Zawadi Naturals product and why?

My favourite product is our Authentic! African Black soap. It is entirely handmade using ingredients found in nature like ash from cocoa pod husks, shea butter and coconut oil using a secret recipe passed on by word of mouth for thousands of years. It is a multi-purpose soap bar with a rich bubbly lather and 100% natural scent derived from its ingredients. It deeply cleanses my skin and makes me feel closer to nature.

Legend has it that the African Black soap was so keenly sought after for its skin-healing properties that the Queen of Sheba sent emissaries to Yoruba speaking tribes in West Africa to bring her caravans of this soap, to add to her indulgent bathing routine, to give her flawless skin. This is my all-time favourite skincare product.

Any plans for this year? 

We will be launching a number of exciting products starting in October, including our eagerly anticipated Plantain Healing Salve suitable for people dealing with Eczema and other problematic skin conditions.

We are also calling on everyone who loves natural products, is curious or would want to start a natural skincare journey to sign up to our mailing list by visiting our website or come visit us in person at one of our pop ups to be the first to know about exclusive deals and new launches!

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