Pioneering watches from Schofield Watch Company


Schofield watch in pink

Pioneering watchmakers from the new era is what Schofield Watch Company makes different. From the beginning, the company hasn’t set out as a commercial venture. Instead, it started as a personal endeavour carried out by one man who wanted to design and build a luxury watch to his own style and requirements.

The Sussex-based company evolved as the project grew in scale. Founded by Giles Ellis, Schofield Watch Company is obsessed with detail, from the design process to the accessories, packaging, graphics and photography, and an endless chorus of variables that go into the creation of something that is made with passion and vision.

They pride themselves on the subtle, understated and precise design behind its products. Furthermore, within this field, Giles has given numerous seminars and talks to universities and businesses.

Japanese Beater B5 with lapel pin


One of the latest additions is this Japanese Beater B5.  Some say it’s the prettiest Schofield watch to date. A muted, blossom coloured dial is surrounded by a specially textured case similar in finish to traditional Suzuki or Shibuichi items. There are depths to the texture because the machining marks can be seen below the finish. The case back is very special too, traditionally made in sterling silver and glass enamel, it is inspired by a Fuchū manhole cover.

The little lapel pin that goes with the watch is reflecting the same design, made from silver and for you to wear on your jacket. In fact, all new Schofields come with a specific pin, designed to be a summary of the watch it accompanies. The strap is plum canvas with a stitch to match the dial.

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