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ESTILA is a collaborative community for design, lifestyle and fashion brands, interior designers and artists.

Our mission is to bring the fragmented independent markets together with the aim to: 

1. Link and introduce community members to one another for specific projects.

2. Encourage strategic collaborations and cross-collaborations for visibility, brand awareness and future business growth.

3. Provide industry insights, latest data and consumer trends specifically tailored for the independent markets.

4.  Offer free PR exposure through ESTILA bookazines, newspapers, digital issues, newsletters and social media channels.

5. Simplify sourcing and finding quality brands, products, designers and artists.


ESTILA is run by STUDIO/ESTILA, a design studio and brand development consultancy that specialises in creating experiential and storytelling brand strategies for design and lifestyle businesses of the future.

Created for businesses, who recognise the power of strong brand identity and storytelling, the STUDIO’s aim is to make brands grow through strategic storytelling, campaigns, collaborations and partnerships. Our approach to brand communication, photography, branding, graphic and web design is based around clever, creative thinking with the aim to start an ongoing conversation with customers and clients. Consumer behaviour, market conditions, customer experience and journey are central to every project we are involved in. We put a heavy emphasis on how customers and clients engage with brands long term. Hence, each project we undertake is very different. To find out more about us please click here.

It’s £240+VAT (annual) 

The membership includes the following:

+ Business page showcasing projects, products, collections or artworks with direct links to your website and social media channels

+ Inclusion in targeted curation services 

+ Commission bespoke market reports and competitive analysis

+ Opportunities to get involved in events – retail, design talks, art events, networking and social meet ups. Please note some events are organised in collaboration with other trade partners.

+ Access to members-only business resources, reports and insights

+ Opportunity to get involved in quarterly business strategy sessions organised by STUIO/ESTILA strategy team

+ 20% discounts to all STUDIO/ESTILA services (brand strategy, brand development, market positioning, as well as design services (digital, print packages, web development and traffic optimisation)

+ Regular brand story features across our platforms

+ ESTILA yearly trade subscription

We accept purpose-driven, sustainable brands and businesses. Whether you’re at the beginning of your business journey or are already an established brand, designer, artist, we want to hear from you. Before being accepted in our community, we require filling out an application form which allows us to speak to the potential contact first before the application is approved. This way we ensure the quality of our community is right for you and that any collaboration suggestions we put forward will be received with enthusiasm and open mind.

As a member you benefit from valuable connections as well as an opportunity to tap into our community knowledge base. Unlike other business communities, we have a pool of experts you can draw from to help you in every step of your business journey. This way we are able to offer you a well rounded support, always giving you that external viewpoint tailored to your situation.

Our expert contacts have decades of experience in every aspect of business, from setting up a new business, product manufacturing and sourcing, pricing, marketing, PR, brand development and expansion to opening new opportunities and markets, innovation and growth.

Our community is specifically for lifestyle, design and fashion brands, interior designers, stylists, photographers, and artists. Over the past 7 years we have built a database of almost 1500 quality contacts across the independent market.

All masterclasses and workshops are recorded for later viewing followed by a scheduled call should you have any questions.

If you can’t attend our online networking event, we will be happy to do contact introductions on a separate occasion suitable to you.

For you to benefit fully from ESTILA membership we recommend at least 12 months of your participation. This gives us enough time to promote your business and connect you to valuable business contacts.

To cancel your membership, please email to: [email protected] with “Cancel my membership” in the subject line.

As you gain access to valuable content and contacts, unfortunately we don’t offer refunds.

We offer two subscription options. If you are trade we recommend to subscribe to the ESTILA yearly trade subscription which includes the following:

2 x  print bookazines

2 x The ESTILA SPARK (newspaper) – includes at least one A3 motivational poster

If you are a creative whose interests are in independent design and art we recommend to subscribe to the ESTILA yearly standard subscription includes 2 x print bookazines only.

Your subscription is for 12 months and cannot be cancelled. However, if your business circumstance change and you wish no longer to receive the bookazine and SPARK newspapers, please email [email protected] and we try to help.

Our priority is given to our ESTILA trade members. However, we do have opportunities for featuring our subscribers and readers, if they are a good fit. If you are subscribed to our ESTILA yearly magazine subscription we want to hear from you so please get in touch.

In most cases the reason is that your subscription has been automatically cancelled after we were unable to take payment for your annual renewal.

Please get in touch with us so we can update your payment details and restart your subscription.

Before launching the STUDIO/ESTILA, we ran a few successful family owned businesses in the design industries. As many businesses do, we put a heavy emphasis in the way we marketed and communicated our business on our products. What we realised was that our customers wanted a story to relate and get inspired by. So we changed things up; story first, products second. When our first story campaign was launched we generated more sales than we ever achieved by that point. Since then, we’ve never looked back.

Now with over 20 years of business under our belt, we want our clients we work with to experience the same; to build loyal customer base who are their ambassadors and cheerleaders, and who understand their purpose, mission and vision. But above all to stay relevant in fast moving markets and ever changing technology. To find out more about us and to see our latest projects, click or tap here.