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Written by Pauline de Villiers Brettell

In this article, through a digital journey Pauline explores how inspiration from Africa translates into design a little closer to home. Discover new independent brands and immerse yourself into digital experiences from music to inspirational videos and conversations.

Written by Alicia Lai

In this article founder Alicia Lai of B_Boheme explains why they decided to disrupt the footwear industry with the practices they put into place and the problems she has identified that drive her bold decisions making.

Written by Lisa Price

In this article, artist Lisa Price shares her honest opinions, experiences and tips for artists who consider (or enter) open calls for visibility and for galleries who organise such events.

Written by Lorna Gibson

In this article, illustrator and author Lorna Gibson explains  her evolution as a creative and her journey into the worlds of animation and writing empowering books.

Written by Pauline de Villiers Brettell

As creative businesses navigate through challenges and continuous changes, in this article, Pauline shares case studies of three brand strategies as well as trends to consider when driving your business forward. Can you find strategies for your business?

Written by Pauline de Villiers Brettell

While B Corporation certification has been around since 2007, shifts in business models alongside the major social shifts after the last two years has seen a rise in interest and certification of businesses signing up. Small and medium size brands are driving this interest. Could your business benefit too?

In this conversation for ESTILA TALKS series, two industry insiders (Karolina Barnes, ESTILA and Rosie Davies, PR Dispatch) will be discussing key trends in PR, helping you shape your result-driven PR strategies. Highlighting five important changes every independent creatively-led business can easily prepare for and integrate into their PR campaigns and pitches, you will leave this session with actionable insider tips. 

Retail Trends 2022: Understanding changes in customer behaviour and needs

As retail keeps evolving, changing and adapting to the continuous challenges of the pandemic, in this ESTILA TALKS interactive session, Karolina Barnes (STUDIO/ESTILA) will take you through the most important retail trends your business should be aware of. Then, with practical tips and ideas on how to implement new systems to accommodate the changes, Karolina will help to open your eyes to the sales opportunities which you otherwise might be missing out on. 

In this conversation Karolina Barnes, the editor-in-chief of ESTILA, talks with the founder of Spritz Wellness London, Laura Colucci about why she started the wellness lifestyle brand, its sustainable values and how she juggles wholesale, retail and online store as a small business owner.

Vigour and Skills is a marketplace community of makers with shared values of sustainability, longevity and enduring quality. Vigour and Skills is proud to stock meticulously crafted items made from sustainably sourced materials.  By choosing Vigour and Skills, customers are helping to re-shape the way we shop as a society and celebrating process over mass production. Here they share their story.


From innovative social retail, disruptive beauty brands to natural luxe interiors and maximalist art, this edition is a must-read for any creative.

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