Knowledge Share

A new way of learning, the unconventional way

Our reports, guides, courses and masterclasses are designed for the creative minds who wear multiple hats. The dreamers and creative risk-takers who work mostly on their own.


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For the unconventional

The way we see it is like this: if you are a creative mind you are unconventional. Therefore, the way you learn is unconventional.

Our aha-moment came from the realisation that if we want to help creative businesses learn new business skills we have to change the language of business they understand and use their biggest advantage – creativity – in every aspect of their business.
For that reason, our Knowledge Share membership is very unconventional. From creatives to creatives we help build business knowledge and skills without using alien jargon and conventional ways, and above all, through the application of creative learning.


Creative learning

Reframing the business language

We reframed the business language which for once you can understand. All teachings are taken through the eyes of a creative mind rather than coming from the conventional business or corporate world.

Maximising creativity

To help you develop skills and confidence we apply creativity – creative thinking, techniques and processes – in each masterclass, workshop and course. Creativity is where you feel confident and comfortable the most. We show you how to use it in every aspect of your business, developing your own way that will help you move forward with clarity.

Using storytelling & analogies

We use storytelling as our teaching method for two main reasons: One – we believe that it makes information more interesting and two – it makes learning more memorable. After all, storytelling is about emotions and attention, and stories are about stickiness and long-term memory. 



The Features

knowledge share with learning on demand


We use microlearning, meaning giving you quick bursts of highly-concentrated information quickly. Our sessions average between 10-15 min.
knowledge share through online learning

On demand

All courses and masterclasses in our Knowledge Share membership are designed to be used on demand. Simply dip in and out when you need it most. 
knowledge share business membership for creatives


Our ethos is learning through action and therefore all content in our Knowledge Share is highly actionable. We give you the tools and motivation for you to take action.


The Membership


Created by STUDIO/ESTILA strategy team, these thought provoking reports offer in-depth market and consumer analysis, insight and guidance giving you information to build a better business.


Part of our resource library we give you all the templates, guides and checklists to help you save time and make your back office more efficient.


Access anytime and anywhere to continuously deepen your skills and improve your knowledge. Designed for the time-poor, each course is divided into 10 – 15 min short but highly actionable modules so you can quickly apply what you learn and use it in your business straight away.


Designed for you to dip in and out, when you need it the most, our masterclasses are informative and always relevant to your business as well as full of practical advice and inspiration delivered by creative minds who have walked similar paths before you. 


Main Topics

Retail & Wholesale

Marketing & Sales

Ecommerce & Advertising

PR & Visibility

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