New Flamboyant Flamingos wallpaper by Charlotte Jade


Charlotte jade wallpaper
Interiors brand Charlotte Jade just released its latest wallpaper  design – Flamboyant Flamingo, bringing a little Flamboyance to homes. This hand drawn design celebrates the beauty in these elegant, wild birds. The detail of flamingos’ feathers and features including the crazy neck manoeuvres has been captured by the brand like nothing else seen on the market before. The depth of shades and tones brings the design to life. Looking closely at the detail and scale, it creates 3d-like effect, perfectly suited for design lovers who want to make a statement and create wow interiors. “In a flock of pigeons, be a flamingo” as they say!
The wallpaper is priced at £135 per roll and is available to purchase here.

Charlotte Jade is an exciting and innovative luxury interiors brand that takes a fresh and edgy look at nature. Founded by artist Charlotte O’Reilly in 2015, the brand offers an eye-catching range of hand drawn designs that celebrate the fascinating plants and animals living on our planet.

The ethos behind the company is simple: to reconnect us with the natural world. Based on the concept of Biophilic Design, the collections focus on the benefits of bringing elements of nature back into our lives, to reduce stress, aid mental wellbeing and improve productivity. By celebrating the shapes, form, patterns, textures and colours prevalent in our natural environment, Charlotte Jade brings the outside world in and restores our affinity with nature.

Every pattern is hand drawn and crafted by Charlotte herself. The design process starts with a pencil drawing, which captures the intricate details and beauty of the subject. From the distinctive black and white ringed tail of a Lemur to the dramatically bold leaves and botanical designs, every detail is captured to tell a unique story. These drawings are then brought to life with modern, digital colouring and printing techniques, which add vibrancy and bring a distinct style to the Charlotte Jade collection.

The design collections are available on luxury products such as wallpaper, wall murals, textiles, upholstery fabrics, furniture, cushions, ceramic tiles, stationery, home accessories and now fashion accessories such as face masks. We are passionate about British manufacturing, so all our interior products are proudly printed and made right here in the UK.




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