Introducing womanhood illustrations by Feline Pessey aka Lemon Fee



Introducing a German illustrator Feline Pessey, better known as Lemon Fee, who is currently living in Paris. Feline creates feminine and playful art, combining soft pastel colours with earthy tones and greens. The main themes of her artwork are womanhood, fashion and the connection between individuals. Feline has done collaborations with brands including JB Martin, Émile & Ida, Ghost London, Buna Studio, Qwant, Transform Magazine and Welt der Frauen. Here she shares her story so far..

Can you tell us your backstory and how you got into the art world?

As many artists and illustrators, I have been drawing since my childhood and have always been particularly interested in portraying women. I have a professional background in occupational therapy, using arts and crafts as a medium to cure and relieve physical and psychological disorders. Drawing and painting has always been a hobby and side project for me. Many millennials changed their jobs during the pandemic to follow their passion and started a new chapter in their work-life. So did I! Since 2020, I have been officially working as a freelance illustrator.

What influences your work?

My style and taste for art is definitely influenced by modern day fashion photography. But also, I am a big fan of pre-Raphaelite artists like John William Godward. In my eyes modern fashion photography and this era have a lot in common – the poses, the composition…

What interests me for my artworks is to express what I feel inside me. The result is mostly very feminine and calm. It’s always interesting to draw or paint something that you can identify with. Since I was little, I draw women and their clothes with a feminine spirit. The results are often playful, combining soft pastel colours with earthy tones and greens.

I feature my characters with closed eyes to highlight their ability to dream – to dream of a better, softer, calmer world. I call this capacity the “inner force of femininity”. This force is not always visible but it is very deep and necessary for the balance of this world.


Explain a little about the technique and materials you use – and why did you choose it as your focus?

At the moment, I mainly create digital art with my tablet, as it is a very convenient and fast way to draw, anytime and anywhere. For that, I am using the application Procreate (the best application ever!). For personal projects and sometimes commissions, I use more classic techniques with canvases, brushes, and gouache paint.

Are there any exhibitions or events you are planning?

I participate at least once a month at local Parisian artist markets to show and sell my prints and originals. In December 2022 I had my first solo exhibition in the “The People Nation” hotel here in Paris. It was a super nice experience and a great way to show my work to many hotel guests from different countries.

What is the best advice you received as an artist?

Not compare yourself with others and don’t pressure yourself to draw if you don’t feel like drawing! It will only disturb the creative process. It’s normal to have creative and less creative phases… Inspiration comes and goes. Sketch, take notes and draw whenever you feel inspired.


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