Atelier Romy: A new collaborations celebrates unique connectedness between women and their inner strength


atelier Romy jewellery

Atelier Romy’s latest collaboration pays tribute to the unique connectedness between women and their journey to finding and expressing their inner strength and real inner beauty.

The collaboration features the turquoise and gold Goddess ‘Elle’ necklace with a stunning coin, inspired by and dedicated to wellness icon and WelleCo founder Elle Macpherson. Elle has a deep, personal bond with the founder of Atelier Romy, Sabine Roemer. The 18-karat yellow-gold vermeil coin necklace features a meditating ‘Elle-inspired’ woman, sitting inside a lotus flower with her eyes closed, representing the ability to find inner stillness and connect to your higher guidance and self-power and to trust the power of feminine energy.


The Lotus flower represents purity, resilience and strength as it rises through the earth without any stains, whilst the coin sits on an 18-inch turquoise necklace (3mm IJM Turquoise, Quality AA) – a gemstone that has long been prized as a powerful talisman with healing properties.

The new design, which acts as a personal daily reminder to #trustyourgoddessenergy, was modelled by Elle during the launch event.

Guests also received a special Limited Edition Silver Caddy to house The Super Elixir™ – WelleCo’s exceptional and multi award-winning supergreens powder, which underpinned founder Elle’s own personal wellness journey and led to the launch of WelleCo in 2014 on Elle’s 50th birthday – together with other elixirs from the WelleCo collection.


“I wanted to design a necklace as a daily reminder that symbolises and guides you to discover the strength and beauty that is natural within you. To trust your own divine Goddess energy and confidently connect with your higher self. Elle – with whom I share a deep personal bond – reminded and empowered me to unite with my feminine energy and find everything I need within myself,” shared Sabine Roemer, founder of Atelier Romy.

The Atelier Romy story

Atelier Romy is built on three pillars: design, empowerment and quality.


The brand offers everlasting classic, yet strong jewellery that stays in style. Timeless, classic and versatile – they believe that jewellery should be worn every day, whilst not compromising on the designs’ longevity and quality. Equally strong by themselves or stacked, their jewellery is meant to make an impression and enhance your attire to exude sophistication.


Elevating your confidence and giving you a sense of empowerment through jewellery is what the brand is about. The feel of wearing Atelier Romy gives you the power and inspiration to shape your own destiny and be in control of your life. It’s more than jewellery, it’s a symbol of self-love and self-worth. Their mission is to create a community of empowered women who value themselves and want to step into the highest version of themselves.


The Atelier Romy’s jewellery pieces are crafted with meticulous attention to detail. Focusing on craftsmanship ensures the designs are not only beautiful but also made to last. They work with reputable suppliers to source the materials, ensuring they are of the highest quality as well as ethically and sustainably sourced, and promise to only use high-quality materials to offer you pieces that are durable, long-lasting, and beautiful.


Founder, Sabine Roemer, is an award-winning Master Goldsmith who has been an industry expert for over 26 years. Sabine started at a young age and found her true vocation in making jewellery. Ever since she was a little girl she was mesmerised on how jewellery carries meanings and memories, making them the perfect heirlooms and ever-lasting gifts.

The ‘Elle’ Goddess coin is available to purchase for 190,00 GBP online at with an option to personalise the coin with an engraving of symbols that stand for your own personal “mantra” or guide.



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