New wallpaper and fabric collection by Wendy Morrison


Wendy Morrison wallpaper

Known for her signature style that fuses influences from her background in fashion design with her love of exotic plants and animals, Wendy Morrison has, until recently, been making a bold mark predominantly in rug design.
But with the release of Wendy Morrison first wallpaper and fabric collection, colour and pattern lovers can enjoy her signature handwriting also on  walls, curtains, cushions, upholstery and soft furnishings.

Wendy says, ‘It felt like such an exciting opportunity to design my own range, although I knew it would bring different challenges to those faced in rug design. The most obvious difference was the creation of pattern repeats. I admit it was a challenge, but it was an exciting one and it proved so interesting to see how my pictorial designs could develop and be brought to life in a new way.

‘Another huge difference is that with rug design, I am very dependent on the wonderful, lustrous yarns we use to bring my artwork to life. It was quite a daunting prospect to think of my artwork going directly to print, as it would with both wallpaper and fabric. It was equally important not to lose the essence of my style, which is why we selected the highest quality wallpaper base with its gold iridescent background that has richness and texture to it, and creates a wonderfully luxurious finish.

‘Having seen the final results, I feel the storytelling that is such an important part of our rugs can now be told across walls too.’

Made in the UK, the new wallcoverings are digitally printed on luxurious non-woven paper. The first collection has been inspired by their hand-knotted rugs: Phoenix, Eternal Toile, Joie de Vivre, Arc en Ciel and a revised Mandela Solace. There is great variety in style and colour in each of these designs, but they are all detailed, intriguing and uplifting, they all draw the eye for different reasons, and they are all incredibly luxurious. The fabrics are also printed in the UK and can be used for curtains, upholstery and soft furnishings. Fabric offers an accessible way to add instant luxury to a space.

Wendy Morrison wallpaper

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