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olive and Barr kitchen trends 2024

A kitchen stands as arguably one of the most substantial investments a homeowner can make, therefore kitchen trends should deliver both aesthetically and practically. With that in mind, Al Bruce, the Founder of Olive & Barr, offers his insight into the kitchen trends he anticipates for 2024, detailing how these are incorporated into the modern kitchen.

The wood kitchen



The wood kitchen trend has made a significant comeback in recent years. We have moved on from outdated and clunky wood kitchens to seamless elegant designs, which celebrate the beauty and versatility of wood.

With a nod to the Nordic style, we have noticed a demand from homeowners looking to invest in an authentic look which celebrates natural materials in abundance, moving away from the stark white design from previous years.

While painted cabinets remain a popular staple in kitchen design, there is something about untouched materials which feels timeless. Wood kitchens create a warm, inviting atmosphere, the natural grain and textures add depth and character to the home and provide the perfect backdrop for an abundance of natural textures, from quartz worktops to sandstone floors and more.


The back kitchen



The ‘Back kitchen’ trend has been gaining interest in modern kitchen design. This idea involves a secondary space, separate from the main kitchen, dedicated to tasks like food prep, storage and utility functions. Homeowners are increasingly valuing the idea of keeping the primary kitchen area clean, organised and more focused on entertaining.

The back kitchen might feature additional sinks, ample countertop space and discreet storage. This trend aligns with the desire for open-plan layouts while maintaining a clutter-free and simplified look.

Functionality and efficiency drive the design; however, they can be just as beautifully curated as the main kitchen. Even allowing homeowners to experiment with a different interior look which they may be less likely to commit to in an open-plan design.


The statement splash back (cover image)

We have witnessed the increasing popularity of using a single, continuous slab of material, such as marble, granite and quartz as the backsplash, extending from countertop to ceiling.

The slab backsplash serves as a focal point, showcasing the beauty and natural patterns of the chosen material. Homeowners have been drawn to this trend for its ability to make a statement while complementing various kitchen styles, from sleek and contemporary to more traditional or even rustic designs. Additionally, the choice of material and its veining or patterns can significantly influence the overall look of the kitchen, adding depth, texture, and character to the space.

The colour confidence



The desire for colour in the kitchen has gained momentum over the last year. We have noticed a shift in homeowners wishing to add personality to their kitchen design through bold colour and texture choices, steering away from the more traditional neutral tones.

Though keeping an eye on current kitchen trends is valuable, opting for colours that deeply resonate with your taste is key to creating a kitchen you will love for years to come.

The allure of the dramatic dark kitchen cabinetry remains; however, we have seen homeowners steer towards warmer and brighter colours, from soft pink to fiery red tones and fresh green and blue hues.

We expect to see homeowners gain more colour confidence in 2024, introducing colour throughout the kitchen, through cabinetry, worktops and even inside cupboards and pantries, creating unique elements of surprise.

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