New Symetria collection inspired by New Zealand’s architecture and landscape launches in Selfridges


Symetria green dress

Independent fashion brand SYMETRIA is launching its latest collection Part 09. in Selfridges, London on 1st February. Inspired by New Zealand’s traditional building technique called weatherboard, found scattered across the Central Otago landscape, the collection features layered panels of autumnal colours from deep rich green and purple to softer pistachio and yellow.

Symetria’s founder, Vicki Taylor, says, “The weatherboards are the protective façade of our buildings. When first built they are straight and perfect, then time and harsh weather conditions play their parts in creating jagged uneven edges, cracks and sagging and missing boards. Translating this slice of our local New Zealand history into the collection, of layered panels vertical and horizontal, calculated imperfection and irregular length, all meet to amplify the fluidity of the collection.

Thoughtful in simplicity and practical in fabrication, the transformative nature of the garments result in pieces that transcend seasonal change and reflect the different moods of the wearer. Coupled with colour splashes that reflect the natural colours we see in our autumnal landscape. Natural fibres feature strongly and re-generated textiles are primarily hand selected by the designer from renowned European mills. All garments are manufactured responsibly and sustainably in the brand’s home of New Zealand.

SYMETRIA is designed to have a lifetime appeal. We take great effort to ensure our brand treads lightly on the landscape.”

About Symetria

A calm and confident exploration of form, SYMETRIA is derived from geometric and linear inspirations. Navigating the relationship between fluidity and geometric strength, the experimental nature of SYMETRIA is grounded in wearable pragmatism characteristic of the brand’s antipodean home. Imbued with a quiet confidence each garment is designed with longevity in mind, created with multi-purpose usage that invites the wearer to explore, personalise and prolong the lifecycle of each piece. Unexpected fabric combinations masterfully crafted with considered details in confident silhouettes are the key elements that define the SYMETRIA brand.

A brand for the woman who knows where she’s from and where she’s going, SYMETRIA is expressive of an assuredness without overt dominance. SYMETRIA does not impose itself on the wearer but rather becomes part of their presence effortlessly integrating into their world. For women who are drawn to linear form; be it found in architecture, nature, furniture, art or text on a page.

Having been immersed in fashion for over 20 years building coveted stories and designing successful collections for the New Zealand market, Vicki is turning her attention to sharing her unique perspective with a growing international clientele.

For more information about the collection please visit SYMETRIA website here.



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