Parkin and Gerrish x Hannah Sophia England collaboration



Two sustainable brands Parkin & Gerrish and Hannah Sophia England come together for a shoot collaboration for “Modern Women in Love” campaign. The campaign celebrates and brings together friends and some of the most sparkling names on the British social, art and culture scene to share the story of modern women in love.

The campaign was shot in the iconic Great Conservatory, Syon Park. With strong ethical and sustainable values both brands share, the underlining message for the campaign is: why not make jewellery and clothes heritage pieces that can become family heirlooms?

Meeting at a pop-up through a mutual friend, Hannah-Sophia Jarvis and Zuleika Gerris discovered they have a lot more in common; they are both young mothers of two children and run their own small UK sustainable businesses. They also share the very same passion and love for British heritage and the finest workmanship and artistry. Their emphasis is on sustainability and the stories that their pieces are yet to tell.

For this special shoot, Zuleika and Hannah called-in their friends; Martha Sitwell, Antalya von Preussen, Flora Gibbs, Toni Castells, Nik Trifunovic and Oliver Gerrish (Zuleika’s husband!) to model. Hair and make up was by Glow & Dry, Freddie Ardley was the photographer, Indigo24 films were the videographers, the suits were loaned by Guy Hills from Dashing Tweeds, and the Delevingne sisters gave the shoot their delicious Della Vite bubbly.


Parkin & Gerrish is an online-only shop specialising in antique, vintage and fine jewellery. It was founded in 2021 by husband and wife duo, Oliver and Zuleika Gerrish BA (Hons) FGA DGA. Zuleika is a trained gemmologist and jewellery historian. Their huge collection of antique and vintage engagement rings and jewellery from the Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian and Art Deco periods is lovingly sourced and curated.

Parkin & Gerrish are very proud to be not just an eco-friendly British brand, but also a small family-run business. Everything has been personally hand-picked by them; from the jewellery itself to their sustainable signature packaging.

Hannah Sophia England was founded with the sole purpose to help create a better world for future generations. A future where kindness rules and we, as a society, slow down, to cherish our clothes.

In a world where fashion is still widely viewed as being disposable, they believe in encouraging women to cherish each piece and to one day pass it on to the next generation. A Hannah Sophia England dress will become a timeless piece of your legacy.

Their interchangeable luxury items have been meticulously hand-crafted to evolve into multiple different looks. The brand triple the average use of a dress, as current stats show that the average woman in the UK will wear a dress just 4 times, out of fear of being seen in it multiple times or due to their bodies adapting throughout life.

All dresses are meticulously made by their talented craftsmen in-house.

Website: Parkin & Gerrish | Hannah Sophia England



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