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Today we’re introducing Moam – an aromatherapy-led home, laundry and body care brand. The “Introducing” is a series of interviews or stories of independent design-led brands that you have probably not heard of yet. It’s an introduction to the brand story, giving your more insight into the brand. Here we share the Moam’s story with its founder Louise Davidson.

Can you tell us the backstory of the brand? How and why it was started?

Whilst heavily pregnant in 2020, I really struggled to find all natural cleaning, laundry and body care products that were safe for me & baby. I became incredibly frustrated by the levels of greenwashing I found – I’d often order products online and have to swiftly return them when looking at the ingredients list or their sustainability practices. The limited options that were available would also often have simple scents, like lavender or orange and I was craving more, so MOAM (Mum On A Mission) was formed. It took 2 years to develop the products, creating a banned ingredients list and ensuring we maximised the power of plants to create products that really work.

What is different about MOAM products?

Our products are aromatherapy-led formulas to boost your wellbeing. They are fragranced exclusively with essential oils only – no synthetic dyes or fragrance. And therefore they are 99-100% natural.

How important is sustainability to your business and what measures fo you take to be more sustainable?

Sustainability is extremely important to us and is at the core of all of our business decisions. Firstly, all of our products are proudly made in the UK. We only sell products in refill pouches to reduce unnecessary plastic consumption and pollution.

We’ve created beautifully designed eternity bottles in an infinitely recyclable material to encourage our customers to refill, but also to be confident that should they ever decide to recycle it, it’s a material that has the highest rates of being successfully recycled.

We give our customers the option to send their pouches back to us in a freepost envelope to be successfully recycled with our partners, Terracycle. It was shocking when we learnt that just 9% of plastic ever produced has been successfully recycled, so we wanted to invest in guaranteeing that the pouches we produce are.

Your favourite product and why?

My favourite product which I always recommend is our Laundry Starter set  – it smells incredible coming out of the wash and on your clothes, and the bottles look great in the kitchen too!

Any plans for this year? 

We’ve had lots of requests from our customers to develop a refillable diffuser line – so we are super excited about this and we’re hoping to have them ready in time for Christmas. Please follow us on social media for updates or visit our website.




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