Maison Lily Blue: a destination for artisan screens


maison lily blue divider screen in an interior

Maison Lily Blue creates show-stopping and elegant artisan screens to last a lifetime. Combining expert craft and unique artworks, all pieces are handmade to order in the United Kingdom.

Since its early European introduction in the 16th century through to today, room dividers offer function and beauty. The simplicity of line and refined details of The Floating Screen silhouette perfectly lend themselves to art, pattern and bold colours.

Its founder and creative director, Lily-Blue Roman, draws from her European roots and Gibraltar heritage, where the Mediterranean meets the Atlantic ocean.



Earlier this year the brand launched a collaboration with Misia Paris, the creator of prestigious, high quality fabrics.

Bold and beautiful, the screens combine Parisian glamour with refined British craftsmanship. The collection features handcrafted walnut frames that are upholstered in the new Place Des Vosges collection. Inspired by Le Marais, the brand’s Parisian birthplace, the collection takes you on a journey into the heart of luxurious fabrics, exquisite colours, fine materials and rare combinations of textures.

At the meeting point of the free and modern Art Deco movement of the 1930s and the cheerful and colourful Creole artists, comes Talisman Sacré – this soft embroidered fabric featured on the screens is available in two exclusive colourways, the Terre d’Ombre and Bleu Misia.




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