Introducing Print~Sisters: where vintage textiles are brought to life



Introducing London-based Print~Sisters, an independent brand that is on a mission to bring archived textiles to life. Started during lockdown by sisters, Alexia and Claudia, Print~Sisters is passionate about authentic vintage textiles and artworks. Print~Sisters is a print archive specialising in vintage textiles from the 1800’s to the 1970’s. Their products have been thoughtfully crafted sourcing ethical fabrics from makers they trust to create meaningful products.

Here we chatted to them about their new brand:

What was the trigger or a point where you decided to start the business? Were you frustrated with something which didn’t exist? Any other reasons?

The first lockdown changed the pace of work for both of us, we had time to come together and think about how everyone was locked up at home and turning their creativity inwards to make their spaces feel more joyful, there was a natural flow to the process as we both already had beautiful prints framed on our walls and started first with a little local exhibition in a café hoping it would cheer people up! The timing was perfect as we had time to dedicate ourselves to the process and building a website and to connect directly with the public.

What’s the mission and purpose of your brand?

Bringing unique and affordable artworks into people’s homes to share the natural elements, symbolism in pattern and beautiful colour from these antique textile designs.

How do you curate your collections?

The process begins in the studio with the archive. It is a very organic process, we meet every month and go through the archive and explore what feels fresh and exciting. This could be seasonal or inspired by a trip or an exhibition, which  will inspire elements of the next collection.

Print~Sisters is a collaboration between us, we both live very close by to each other in Clapton and meet up regularly to discuss ideas and inspirations.  We usually start a new collection by going through the archive and just pulling out anything we feel we love, sometimes the seasons will inspire us, a film, an exhibition, a mood, it’s quite an organic process.

After selecting 50 prints or so we lay them out all over the floor and tables,  to try and form print stories or poetic connections to  express our sentiments. We usually go with what feels most beautiful or resonates with us most at that point in time. We are very aware that if we did this process on another day we’d make a different selection, so sometimes the process is over weeks to let things settle and to also build excitement.

Who are your products for and how do you see your products being used by customers?

Everyone, home dwellers and travellers a print or blanket is so portable and lift any space to bring historical culture, natural elements, comfort and romance.

Can you describe your brand’s values and ethos? 

To share and revive the invaluable craftsmanship of the past textile designers, by reproducing these timeless designs from the archive collection we get to refresh them and create inspiring and beautiful products with value and longevity.

It’s so important to us that as we grow, we do so in a way which is kind to the planet; creating inspiring products with value and longevity, using both 100% recycled or sustainable papers and textiles, we strive to be as eco-friendly as possible.

What is the ultimate goal? What are your plans for 2022?

To create more ethical products and expand our collection using the prints share the inspirational craftsmanship that the archive holds… there’s thousands of artworks from the 1830’s-1970’s waiting to be revived!

We both work best when working with others, to co-create their visions, hopefully the creative process will open up to lots more collaborations, bespoke projects and workshops for the future. We are very excited to be launching a wallpaper collection by Summer 22.

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