Fora Form launched new ON collection for workplace design


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With its innovative and functional furniture Fora Form has for a long time been a characteristic part of Norwegian offices and public spaces. To create something extra special in workspaces, the company recently launched the ON collection.

“Our ambition has always been to create great indoor experiences. With the ON collection, we want to deliver that little extra to create coziness and comfort in the workplace and in social zones”, says Thomas Haram, CEO of Fora Form.

Designed by Morten & Jonas, the ON collection consists of a series of lamps that can be integrated into Fora Form’s various table tops, and which comes with built-in charging and dimmers, or as freestanding and hanging lamps. In addition, the collection also features various trays and a flower pot that also integrate into the table top.“Fora Form’s accessories becomes an extension of our furniture and give our customers unique opportunity for individual customisation. A table is not just a table with the ON collection”, says Haram.

The ON collection is designed for simple plug and play through the possibility of mounting in the table and therefore also creates room for variety by allowing all of them to be replaced with each other. “With ON collection, you are a big step closer to creating real coziness in public environments, in coffee zones and common areas, says Pål Eid-Hviding, marketing manager at Fora Form.


There are four types of lamps in Fora Form’s new ON collection range including table lamps, floor lamps and pendants. The table lamp can be mounted on the table top and allows you to adapt your own work area with a dimmer and a charging option. Like all other products in the ON collection, it can be integrated with the table top to create a completely new table environment. All the lamps are made of quality materials in steel and reflective grey-tinted mouthblown glass that guarantees longevity. The grey-tinted glass creates a subdued reflection similar to those of sunglasses.

The ON tray with a marble base is where design and function come together. The tray can be attached to the table top and comes in a round and oblong version. The tray can be used as a pure design element or for storage, serving or decoration. The ON tray is black and made of steel with a black finish. The marble base creates a great contrast with the black and can be easily removed and cleaned if necessary.

The ON smart flower pot allows you to decorate tables in areas and rooms with plants in a way that brings nature into common areas. Like the other ON products, the flower pot can be screwed directly into the table top. People feel better with living plants and colour around them, and the ON flowerpot in steel with a black finish creates a lovely contrast against the green.

Designers Morten & Jonas | Photo credit: Chris Tonnesen


About Fora Form

Fora Form is one of Scandinavia’s largest furniture manufacturers for breakout zones where people meet. Their vision is to facilitate interactions in four focus areas: Eat together, work together, breathe together and experience together.

Since the 1950s, they have used design as a strategic tool to create good meeting places in the contract market. Through innovation and good design, their ambition is to create good interactions wherever people meet in the future.


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