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Fishe and Lilly was created in 2021 to provide stylish and high quality furniture to families who want to create a unique looking home. With their wide selection of furniture, lighting and mirrors their mission is to bring their customers vision to life as sustainably as possible.

Here we share their story..

Can you take us back to the beginnings and tell us more about how the brand was started?

At Fishe and Lilly, we are a husband and wife team with a young family. Throughout our lives together we’ve always loved high quality furnishings made from solid wood. When we were just starting out together nearly 15 years ago, it was a struggle for us to find the quality of furniture we wanted for the budget we had, so we ended up treasure hunting in local thrift and charity stores a lot.

That was great for a while, but once we had children (we have 3 now!) there just wasn’t time for the charity shop treasure hunt anymore, but we weren’t willing to compromise on the quality of our home furnishings – we certainly didn’t want to fill our home with furniture made from cheap materials that were going to be thrown out or unusable within a decade. That didn’t make sense to us then and it doesn’t make sense to us now!

We figured that there were lots of other people out there in a similar situation, so we founded Fishe and Lilly to provide the best value solid wooden furniture that we could source. We’ve grown a lot in the last year and a half since we started our business and we’re hoping to double in size in the next 2 years.

What is different about your furniture?

Our point of difference doesn’t come from our furniture. That’s a strange thing for a brand to say, but it’s the truth! We source the best quality and highest value solid wooden furniture we can find, but a lot of other stores can and will claim the same. Where Fishe and Lilly is different, and where you’ll really see that difference when you shop with us, is our customer service.

Buying furniture online is really hard, furniture is big and heavy and can be difficult to deliver and (if needed) return. We invest in service so that the last mile is the best in the market. We offer free delivery in 2-3 days, and free returns for 30 days post purchase. Our customers love it, and our returning customer rate really shows that. We’re going to continue offering the very best service we can.

How important is sustainability and quality in furniture to your business?

Sustainability and quality are paramount to Fishe and Lilly. Customers expect sustainably made homeware today, and that’s a great thing for our planet. A huge part of being sustainable is offering high quality (we call it “vintage quality”) solid wood furniture that will last a lifetime. “Reduce” is the first “R” in the “reduce, reuse, recycle” triangle for a good reason – reducing the quantities we consume in the western world is critical to protecting our future generations, and we’re helping to do that by providing long lasting furniture in a variety of classic designs that will endure for decades. Fast furniture is not a good strategy for anyone – we don’t and won’t do it.

What is your favourite furniture piece and why?

I love our classic Walnut Mid Century Modern Chest of Drawers. It’s got that classic mid century modern feel to it that just speaks of old world sophistication to me. I also love our new line of natural Mango wood furniture with notch drawers, specifically our Mango Wood Bedside Table with Notch Drawers and Mango Wood Dressing Table with 2 Drawers. These new additions are really gorgeous examples of classic Scandinavian design that lets the wood speak for itself.


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