Fabric house Blendworth celebrates 100 years with a new collection



Established in 1921, Blendworth celebrates its 100th year in business this year! To commemorate this momentous occasion, their Studio have curated a collection of prints and embroideries inspired by iconic Blendworth designs and styles throughout their 100 years.
The Centenary collection features a vast array of hand-drawn and painted designs from luxurious exotic toiles and bountiful botanicals to intricately executed feather embroideries and textured geometrics. Each design has been printed on a diverse range of base cloths including sumptuous velvets and natural linen mixes, all embracing a rich and sophisticated colour palette.

We chatted to Blendworth’s head designer, Yasmin Smith who let us behind the scenes:

Can you tell us more about the process you took to curate the prints for the Centenary Collection? Was there a specific colour palette, trend or theme you were guided by?

The Centenary collection was created to celebrate our 100th year in business! With this in mind the design team and I spent considerable time in the Archive, looking to our most iconic prints for inspiration. Each design was then created from scratch with a modern audience in mind, taking into account current trends and colour palettes but ensuring they reflected the Blendworth brand.

What are some of the techniques you used when creating the print designs?

We used a variety of techniques in this collection, including gouache and watercolour for designs like Plume and Ricochet  and expressive acrylic paints for Eden to intricate fineliner and marker pens for Kingdom.

What is your favourite print from the collection and way? What is its story?

I adore all of the designs in the collection but I have a soft spot for Kingdom. This design was inspired by original wildlife artworks in our archive and is the Blendworth take on the tropical trend.  I spent a long time on the details of this piece and it was a true labour of love!

Blendworth textile

Blendworth textile

For more details, please visit Blendworth’s website.

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