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Bespoke mural wallpaper English decoratives silk fabric

There is something powerful about interiors which feature bold statement hand painted murals. Whether it’s for its storytelling, extraordinary inspiration, escapism or childhood nostalgia, many interior designers are increasingly noticing more interest in bespoke mural wallpaper and mural design for both, residential and commercial projects. This can be also backed up by online search for “wall mural wallpapers” which, according to Homes & Gardens magazine, has increased by 132% in recent years.

While hand painted application to interior surfaces is nothing new, in fact such techniques date back to around 100BC, modern day hand painted applications require a slightly different skillset. Many design studios are multi-disciplinary, art-led as well as design-led.

One such studio is English Decoratives by Diane Marsland. The studio is headed by multi-disciplinary creative, Diane Marsland, and it offers two services – a fully bespoke service with a collaborative approach and its The English Decoratives Collection, celebrating English eclectic style – a love of nature, flowers and gardens. Influenced by history, global decoration and modern day trends and perhaps cherry picking and mixing all of this up if the mood appeals.

Here are two collections that caught our eye, giving you a taste of Diane’s signature style and artistic handwriting:

Oriental Deco collection represents the bespoke side of the English Decoratives Studio.

This collection, in particular, showcases what is possible for a fully integrated interior scheme. From wooden screens, walls, wallpaper to silks, tiebacks and cushions, all designs are hand painted and created to clients’ specifications.

Signature florals collection

This collection is very personal to Diane herself. Diane draws huge influence from flowers, her garden and nature in general. Flowers have always been one of her signature styles. The collection begins with the introduction of “Joy” the robust floral of painterly Lilac flowers taken from the Lilac in her garden. Seen here in the photo is an inky blue monotone interpretation with olive green. The collection will be built upon with a new floral design every season, creating a classic collection of beautiful blooms in the same way that you would add flowers every year to your garden.

The studio can also provide individual art pieces to complete an interior project. Contact them for more information and cost structure.

The English Decoratives details:


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