Bee and Sons collaborates with Pearl Lowe on the most amazing circular knitwear collection


bee and sons and Pearl Lowe collaboration

Driven by a shared fascination for the fashions of the 20s and 30s, a circular knitwear brand Bee and Sons have collaborated with Pearl Lowe on the Tallulah collection. The collaboration is a natural fit in many ways.

Since launching her womenswear brand in 2017, Pearl has keenly supported UK manufacture, relying on a team of seamstresses local to her Somerset home. Pure cottons, silks, wool and crepe feature in her both home and fashion ranges.

Similarly, Bee & Sons founder, Deborah Bee, uses recycled cashmere, wool, mohair and silk in her knitwear collections. A passion for reducing fashion-waste and producing clothing that will last a lifetime is key for both designers.

Adhering to the principles of slow fashion, the Tallulah collection from Pearl Lowe X Bee & Sons is limited-edition, made with EXTRAFINE MERINO wool, a 100% natural yarn, that can be recycled and will biodegrade naturally.

The collection is vintage inspired, taking cues from many of Pearl’s dress designs, which look to the past for glamour and elegance yet keeping its relevance through a modern twist.

“I’ve been thinking about knitwear for a while. Many of my customers have asked me how I wear my dresses all year round, and I realised I relied on the same 1920s long fitted coat I’d had for years, that I picked up in a vintage shop in Paris. Deb has recreated this shape in a knit – with a waterfall collar, lacey trumpet cuffs and a gently fitted waist. It’s very flattering and works with all my dresses.

We couldn’t resist making some accessories to go with the cardigan – a loose lacey hat, a skinny scarf, a wider scarf and a selection of flowers in wonderful coordinating colours”, says Pearl.

Deb adds: “I’m so excited to be working with Pearl. We’ve spent hours perfecting this collection so that it ticks all the boxes – it’s a small run, so we minimise our waste, and it’s all natural – but very importantly – it’s cute as hell. We haven’t taken ours off since they arrived. We have so many more ideas on the way, so watch this space.”


Bee & Sons Philosophy 

At Bee & Sons, they’d rather you saved up for one ‘good’ jumper than bought five ‘bad’ ones. Good means natural, using yarns that contain no synthetics, can be recycled into new yarn and won’t end up in landfill. The quality of Bee & Sons yarns means you can love them a long time.

They choose Italian yarn-makers who have been spinning yarns for decades. Their recycled yarn come from Prato, home to an incredible community of world-expert recyclers, who saw the value of secondhand fibre centuries ago. Bee & Sons knitters are based in Mansfield, all creative and highly skilled.

To view the Tallulah collection, or to find out more about Bee & Sons story, please visit their website.



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