How Adventures In Furniture did The Grand Designs Live more sustainably


adventures in furniture

For the Grand Designs Live Show 2022 in London, Adventures in Furniture’s theme was all about putting colour and personality into homes by buying more smartly and in an eco-friendly way so that the products would last longer. Two of their stands displayed and launched new designs alongside other exclusive designs and demonstrations.

There were recycled fabric sofas, as well as FSC certification and recycled fibre rugs to touch and feel. The popular Coco sofa, featuring a fully removable cover and plush cushions for decadent, deep-seated comfort, is made using 100% recycled fabrics or 14 brand new vibrant velvets.

The Gora rug was showcased for its elegance in simplicity and a textural weave, completely hand-loomed using recycled PET yarns for unparalleled, easy-to-clean durability.

But not only the products on display featured sustainable characteristics modern-day customers demand. What is also very impressive is the way both stands were designed and put together with sustainability in mind. Both stands were 100% recyclable and reusable.  This was achieved by creating a strategy prior to the show entailing where all the materials needed to build the stands would be sourced from and how they would be recycled.

Examples of this plan in action included reusing lighting from past exhibitions, repurposing flooring to their Chiswick showroom and donating the stands’ cotton ceiling to a local film school showroom after the show ended. Adventures in Furniture has also ensured that the reboard which was used to make the stand structure was reused at future shows. Where they could not use the reboard for logistical reasons, they hired rigging directly from the ExCel centre which again will be used for many more shows to come.


Adventures in Furniture, founded by Kim Corbett, is a London interiors brand which has workshops in Europe and the UK which produce their award-winning contemporary furniture. Using responsibly sourced material, AIF makes sure their custom furniture designs are built to last a lifetime. Kim has received several environmental awards such as The Guardian Sustainable Business Award for showing that businesses should be producing sustainably.


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