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Genderless fashion by independent brand Ivy Adonis

Started in Hackney, East London over 20 years ago when two friends shared their love of food, music and gaining access to exclusive fashion, Pat and Liz had a strong desire to express their creativity through what they love. Feeling frustrated by lack of great quality, comfortable pieces they founded Ivy Adonis, an independent sustainable fashion label for any occasion. 

All Ivy Adonis pieces are genderless and are designed with flexibility and coordination and mixing and matching in mind.

To reduce waste all products are made to order and fabrics are high standards. 

As Pat and Liz say: “Every part of the way we operate factors in our need to reduce waste and limit the use of products which are harmful to the environment. Take our packaging for instance, we don’t waste resources on stickers, ribbons and loads of unnecessary tissue paper. We use recycled stock card, paper and shipping boxes. We have designed our slim line branded boxes so that they can be stored easily in wardrobes or repurposed within the home, and our eco-friendly scented tissue paper can be used as drawer liners.”

They recently launched a new collection called “The Estuary” featuring exotic patter and summery colours.

For more information please visit their website:


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