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Everyone is talking about sustainability. But what does it exactly mean? Can modern businesses be fully sustainable? What are the limitations, challenges and frustrations small creative founders deal with.


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This Sustainable issue aims to open a conversation about what sustainability in modern creative business really means. It discusses some of the untold challenges, unspoken frustrations, extremely difficult compromises and barriers small brands and designers face when trying to be “sustain/able”. My hope is that if you are a business owner who battles with similar issues you realise that you are not alone, and if you are trying to change your habits to more sustainable living you will gain not only an insight into the efforts companies have to make to become more sustainable, but also give you some helpful ideas and tips.


1. Our cover story is featuring a collaborative collage art by Natalia Lewandowska, using some of our old magazine copies. Natalia is a true multidisciplinary creative, her work ranges from designing a perfume bottle and commercial interiors to her stunning artworks. A must read for anyone who wants to boost their creativity.

2. NEWCOMERS – I’m introducing four new chapters to our content. This section tells the stories of newcomers to the creative and lifestyle industries. This edition highlights the stories of Hemming & Wills (a new online home interiors brand) and London Bathers (bathroom and lifestyle accessories company).

3. CHANGEMAKERS – this section focuses on creative businesses who are passionate about making their mark in the market. Our fashion editor, Flavia, focuses on sustainability in the fashion industry and questions the true cost of the rentals market in the Valentina Karellas article. We talk to an interior designer Pia Pelkonen from Pia Design about her focus on eco design in interiors. Our beauty editor, Nicola, highlights the most sustainable beauty brands currently on the mainstream market and our special guest contributor, Erica Wolfe-Murray, shares a story of PodStore and how they identified a sustainable angle for pivoting their business.

4. FORWARD THINKERS – this chapter tells stories of businesses that do things differently, for the benefit of our planet. We share the story of Black & Sigi (contemporary jewellery designers) who found an innovative way of repurposing old jewellery. Kim Corbett, the founder of Adventures in Furnitures, shares some of her experiences and challenges of running a sustainably produced furniture business for over 20 years. And we also interview Claire Gaudion about her latest collection of rugs made from 100% sustainable wool and recycled plastic bottles.

5. INSPIRERS – our final chapter focuses on uplifting personal stories of creatives in business – lifestyle photographer duo Nocera + Ferri, a personal branding photographer Donna Ford and Graeme Hopper who showcases his take on sustainability through art.

A special bonus: our BLACK BOOK is BACK! Start collecting industry contacts!


Sustainable magazine is a luxurious product printed on a beautiful paper, which you won’t ever want to part with. To reflect the theme of this issue, and moving forward, I have decided to switch to recycled FSC paper. From now on, we won’t be using virgin FSC paper unless circumstances beyond our control prevent us to do so.

92 pages of exclusive, print-only content that is 100% advert-free

matt luxurious cover

original photography

inspirational interviews on self-empowerment and business in creative industries

resource for future reference

exclusive limited edition


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