Tatie Lou launches Garden of India collection


Tatie Lou Garden of India collection

Titled Garden of India, maximalist independent homeware brand Tatie Lou’s latest collection encompasses six different designs, each inspired by many magical trips to Mother India. Ranging from geometric to floral to ­­­vintage in style, all draw deeply on the country’s intoxicating mix of sights, sounds and scents, the brilliant colours and clashing patterns. The collection is built around five core designs which can be mixed and matched or simply added to an existing scheme.

Tatie Lou Garden of India

Garden of India

One for maximalists, the hand-drawn Garden of India design features a flourishing trellis with a folkloric feel. Illustrative of the country’s abundant natural beauty and visceral energy, it imagines lush and leafy botanicals in deeply saturated jewel tones.

Available in the following colourways: Grass, Ruby, Coral, Peacock.


Hampi is a joyful design that takes its name from the once-lavish Hindu city in southern India, where evocative ruins and ethereal landscapes evoke legends of idols and monkey gods. A fantastical floral feast, the design features an exotic kaleidoscope of yellow, blush and burgundy blooms.

Hampi is available in: Cherry, Emerald, Mint, Sapphire.

Mumbai Deco

Did you know that India’s capital has the second largest concentration of Art Deco buildings in the world? Mumbai Deco, an intricate, hand-drawn scallop design in two spicy colour combinations, celebrates the city’s charismatic take on this iconic architectural style rich in decorative motifs.

Mumbai Deco is available in: Cinnamon, Teal.


The hand-drawn Phoenix design will infuse your space with a fresh, positive energy. Featuring a swirling,hypnotic illustration of the ancient mythical bird on a nest of flowers, the repeat print is a powerful spiritual symbol of strength and new life.

Phoenix is available in: Fern, Ink, Turquoise.


Spreading like the feathered wings of a bird, our hand-drawn golden Plume design is based on a necklace bought in the Goan enclave of Palolem, and references the captivating history of jewellery and embellishment in India, said to be as old as the country itself.

Plume is available in: Aqua, Indigo, Rose. 

Tatie Lou details:

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