Positive Luxury: Introducing holistic wellness brand Kama Ayurveda


Kama Ayurveda wellness brand part of positive luxury

A leading sustainability certification platform the Butterfly Mark has been awarded to over 170 brands since it was created in 2011 by Positive Luxury. The latest to join the community? Holistic wellness brand Kama Ayurveda. Combining tradition with modern science, beauty and wellness Kama Ayurveda aim to find a balance between mind, body, and soul through ancestral Ayurvedic formulations and healthy living.

Having joined the Real Changemakers in 2023, the brand focus heavily on the connection between sustainable and holistic harmony, embodying their motto of ‘kind to the people, kind to the skin and kind to our planet’ throughout all their operations and products.

Beyond skincare and haircare– Kama Ayurveda aims to deliver a comprehensive wellness experience through ritualistic framework for healthy living, such as yoga, meditation, and self-massage. Following ancestral ayurvedic formulations, the brand have always used original, established Ayurvedic oils as they are the most concentrated form of Ayurvedic solutions.

According to the fundamental philosophy of Ayurveda, everything from the cosmos to all planet beings is made of the same 5 elements (water, air, fire, earth, ether) resulting on an interconnection between all of us as a whole. Hence, the brand is advocating for a concept of sustainable and holistic harmony embodied in their motto “kind to the people, kind to the skin and kind to our planet.”




”KAMA AYURVEDA is dedicated to creating clean, effective formulations using prime-quality natural ingredients. Products are clinically proven to be safe and effective under dermatological control and presented in eco-conscious, responsibly sourced packaging. The brand is committed to promoting the highest standards of efficacy and safety in all products” – Vivek Sahni, Founder



About The Positive Luxury’s Butterfly Mark

Interest in Positive Luxury’s Butterfly Mark accreditation is soaring as more fashion retail businesses focus on showcasing their sustainability credentials.  Please see some more information on the processes behind the certification and some more on the brands that have received the accolade.

How The Butterfly Mark works?

To achieve the accreditation, a business must meet a series of minimum standards across Positive Luxury’s assessment framework, which uses an ESG methodology alongside a fourth pillar: innovation. This is completed via verified results in its ESG+ Progress Assessment tool, which include answering a series of questions and providing evidence.

In order to meet minimum standards a business has to achieve at least 50% in all areas and is judged on 23 key drivers such as ethics and fair operating practices, people management and diversity, and equality and inclusion. All evidence is verified by Positive Luxury’s team of sustainability experts.

A business keeps the mark for two years, after which it has to be reassessed on a regularly updated framework which includes new legislation and best practice. When a business renews certification it must show improvement on its original score in all four pillars to show that it is continuing to drive sustainability ambitions.

The Butterfly Mark Accreditation

The Butterfly Mark accreditation was introduced by Positive Luxury in 2011, the same year that the business was founded. Positive Luxury is a London-based consultancy which works to improve sustainability principles within luxury brands.

Currently, 170 organisations have been certified with the Butterfly Mark, which is accessible for all luxury industries including fashion, skincare and homeware. Positive Luxury does not have monetary parameters for what it defines as a luxury business and instead works with a business “that respects and upholds the traditional values of luxury such as craftsmanship, design and creativity, quality, beautiful materials and unrivaled service”

For more information please visit Kama Ayurveda.




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