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deus ex gardenia wallpaper collection

Established in 2022 by Katya Nappolinni, a best-selling luxury textile designer,  Deus ex Gardenia creates wallcoverings that celebrate the wonder of the natural world. After studying at the prestigious Central Saint Martins and spending a decade designing for distinguished names in the world of fashion and interiors, such as Etro, Liberty of London, Ralph Lauren, and Anthropologie, Katya was inspired to bring her own unique style to the world of interiors.

Their collections explore the rich and diverse landscapes of the world’s jungles, forests and country gardens. With a sophisticated colour palette of warm, rich and elegant hues, the Deus style pairs the distinctly modern with timeless elegance, layering historical motifs with meticulously hand-illustrated, watercolour and digitally painted newer visual styles to create one-of-a-kind visual narratives.

Here we chat with Katya about Deus Ex Gardenia in more detail…

Can you tell us the backstory of Deus ex Gardenia? When and why was it started?

In 2022, Deus ex Gardenia was launched. I previously studied at Central Saint Martins and designed textiles for leading fashion and interior brands like Etro, Liberty of London, Ralph Lauren, and Anthropologie for over ten years. Feeling the trend of patterns crossing over between fashion and interiors, I was more inspired than ever to bring my own style into interiors. That’s why I decided to launch my own wallpaper brand ‘Deus ex Gardenia,’ which translates to ‘God from the Garden.’ The inspiration came from Renaissance botanicals, symbolising that nature guides all my ideas.


Eden wallpaper in Meadow, Photo by HDM2 Architects


Little Palma in Sand, Photo by MK-S


What is unique about your brand?

What truly sets our brand apart is our deep-rooted inspiration from the botanical world, a constant muse in my textile and fashion designs. This connection has always served as my means of establishing a link between the wearer and nature. I want to introduce this connection to home interiors through my wallpaper designs. In a world that’s fast-paced and dealing with challenges like climate change, our dedication to biophilic design becomes even more important. It’s a gentle reminder of how crucial it is to stay connected with nature, fitting seamlessly into today’s contemporary lifestyle. My vision is to introduce something entirely new, infusing my fashion glamour design aesthetic into a timeless yet modern look that can endure in a space for decades.

To ensure our commitment to sustainability, all of our paper is sourced from sustainable forests, using eco-friendly water-based ink in our printing process, making our products not just premium but also remarkably mindful of their environmental impact. This combination of fashion glamour and ecological mindfulness makes our homeware brand a unique blend of style and sustainability.


Beachcroft Graden in Cerulean, Photo by The Introverts Home


Beechcroft in Azure, Photo by HDM2 Interiors


Where do you find inspiration for your designs?

I find inspiration for my designs from various sources. I have a deep appreciation for old botanical art, which I find elegant and timeless. The intricate details, scientific accuracy, and natural beauty of each plant captivates me, and I strive to incorporate these qualities into my work. My design ideas are also influenced by nature worldwide, ranging from exotic to whimsical, allowing me to craft unique and interesting designs. Additionally, I love to travel to places like South America, the Caribbean, London, and Abruzzo, Italy, where my home is. My Eastern European roots significantly impact my appreciation for detailed artwork and interior design. Fueled by a profound love for colour and nature, I enjoy collecting botanical sketches and old books from various locations. This diverse range of influences inspires me to infuse beauty into everything I create.


Aviary in Skylight, Photo by Readmore House Interiors


What’s your favourite product and why?

We really love the ‘Resplendent Woods collection’—it’s our first and most iconic product. This Collection is inspired by the stunning Resplendent Quetzal, a beautiful bird from South America. The vibrant colours of its feathers light up an antique botanical woodland, filled with ferns and flowers. It’s a way of bringing the beauty of the natural world a bit closer to your home. It not only got our brand noticed but also inspired the modern botanical look. We aim to design more wallpapers that create a connection to nature, transforming the viewer’s home and space into a sanctuary.


Resplendent Woods in India Yellow, Photo by Xie Yujie Nick


What are some of the plans for near future?

In the upcoming year, we’re thrilled to unveil a varied fabric collection, ranging from luxurious velvet to organic linen. Alongside this, we’ll be introducing a solid-colour grasscloth wallpaper crafted to complement our existing papers, infusing a blend of texture and iconic colours.


Founder Katya Nappolinni


For more information about Deus Ex Gardenia and to view their wallpaper collection please visit




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