Graphenstone celebrates rich tones in their AW 2022 colour edit


graphenstone paint autumn colours

Graphenstone, the world’s most certified eco paint, has launched its Autumn / Winter 2022 colour edit combining six key complementary colours in a celebration of sophisticated darker shades to create a warm atmospheric home. The palette of inky blues, grounding greens and rich reds is inspired by natural dyes and the clever use of colour juxtaposition, curated by Graphenstone’s colour consultant, Betsy Smith.

According to Betsy, low-level lighting in winter does not mean a room needs to feel flat and dull. In fact, it’s the perfect time to celebrate rich colours to create a warm atmospheric environment using Graphenstone eco paint, which combines CO2 absorption, air purification, extreme durability and washability.

The edit focuses on sophisticated darker shades – Blues: Cerulean and Indigo, Greens: Brunswick and Chateaux and Reds: Carnelian, Bordeaux, mixed with a touch of Miso brown.

“All these colours can take on multiple personalities; intriguing and mysterious – everchanging with differing lighting conditions. Painted in rich matt finish, they have a luxurious velvet-like appearance due to the high concentration of natural pigment. This edit of colours will glisten gloriously in a winter ray of sunshine or flickering candlelight”,  says Betsy.


Graphenstone Amchoor on walls with coral on the headboard. Hatch pendant and Mag side table, the Conran Shop. Cane rocking chair Merchant & Found.


The Graphenstone Amchoor is a delicate earthy shade with a warm, comforting quality. It beautifully complements natural materials and textures such as paper, cane, linen and clay. Layering in darker shades of amber and plum adds depth, and the touch of coral provides a modern edge. Use Graphenstone Ecosophere premium for a matt, chalky finish. Warm filament 2800K bulbs will bring out the red undertones after dark, enveloping the space with a soothing glow. Its innate calmness and warmth make it the perfect choice for bedrooms.


Graphenstone Brunswick on skirting with Nakajima on the walls. Mag coffee table and Cross leg chair from The Conran Shop.


The Graphenstone’s majestic Brunswick is intensified when combined with Nakajima Green, a lighter jade. This harmonious palette of greens evokes feelings of positivity and growth and is reassuring and rejuvenating. Lighter green shades such as Chateaux can be used to create a tranquil and serene space. Juxtapose green with a pop of red to provide a playful note. Painted in a gloss finish, these tones take on a jewel-like quality.

Cooler 4000K task lighting and daylight work wonderfully with these colours, bringing out the slightly cooler blue notes to create a relaxing setting while creating a jewel-like quality. This colour is an excellent choice for a workspace, these hues are refreshing and contemplative, allowing space to think and encouraging productivity.


Graphenstone Bordeaux Red with Brunswick Green; chairs Merchant & Found; furniture and floor light The Conran Shop.


Juxtaposing Brunswick Green with Bordeaux Red adds an innate richness that feels sophisticated and luxurious. The success of this combination lies in the depth of shade, with both hues containing black undertones.

They should not be used in equal quantities; one needs to be immersive and the other a well-placed accent. Bordeaux Red comes to life in candlelight, intensifying the richness of the colour. Soft ambient lighting on Brunswick will retain its intrigue and makes a timeless, elegant pairing. Bordeaux sets an intimate and dynamic mood, perfect for stimulating dining room conversations.


Graphenstone Indigo on the walls with Miso acccents. Furniture by The Conran Shop and Merchant & Found chairs. Rug from Christopher Farr.


Graphenstone’s Indigo can add definition and is particularly striking when combined with sculptural furniture silhouettes. With its undertones of red, Indigo is an inky shade that feels effortless and meditative. It is a great companion to brighter accent colours such as golden mustard shades, Miso or Bengal yellow. It will create the perfect backdrop, elevating art and textiles.

Avoid strong artificial sources as they will bleach the colour. Instead, highlight art with picture lights and use lamps to create focal points of interest, accentuating natural surfaces such as wood and marble. Reflective light fixtures will add shimmer and animation to dark matt walls.

Indigo hallways create a sense of drama, transitioning from a commanding hallway will make adjacent rooms feel brighter and act like a spine, connecting rooms. Indigo also works well in small awkward spaces as it fuses boundaries making the walls recede so it can make rooms feel bigger.

About Graphenstone:

Graphenstone meets the Cradle to Cradle Gold Standard, which provides consumers, regulators and industry peers with a clear, visible, and tangible validation of the manufacturer’s ongoing commitment to sustainability. Products are made from natural elements rather than chemicals, and packaging is derived from 100% recycled materials, which are fully recyclable too.

Graphenstone paints contain Graphene – the strongest material now known to science. It was discovered in 2005 by two Nobel Prize winners at Manchester University. It is a highly inert, innocuous, nontoxic pure carbon. Graphene’s inclusion in paints, coatings and other building materials enhances hardness, durability, compression, tensile strength, elasticity and coverage.

It reduces the weight of materials and delivers significant savings in materials consumption, maintenance, manpower and costs. Graphenstone products are made from natural elements rather than plastics, acrylics and chemicals.

Graphenstone lime coatings absorb 5.5Kg of CO2 per 15 litres from the local environment where it’s applied (the majority in the first 30 days of curing). The porous nature of Graphenstone’s lime and graphene-infused coatings ensures that walls can breathe. This improves air quality and reduces humidity and condensation.

Microorganisms and microbial growth of bacteria and mould are deterred from rooms where Graphenstone paints are applied due to the high alkaline pH of the lime and the paints’ ventilating properties.

Indoor odours, as well as biological and chemical pollutants, are diffused, and allergens are reduced. The low odour and non-harmful characteristics of Graphenstone paint allows rooms to be occupied within a few hours of application. Clients include Facebook and Ashmolean, Oxford. Graphenstone UK is based in Norfolk.

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