Collaboration: Daylesford Organic x Colefax and Fowler


Daylesford organic collection

Daylesford Organic and Colefax and Fowler have joined forces to present  their new collection of tableware – the Quince Garden, a celebration of quintessentially British  style.

Carole Bamford, founder of Daylesford Organic, and David Green, Chairman of Colefax and Fowler, have a deep appreciation for ethical and sustainable produce and artisanal craft.  Their shared ethos and long-standing friendship has led to a collaboration between the two  likeminded British heritage brands. Design house Green Wolf Studio, who have conceived  several collections with Colefax & Fowler, suggested this collaboration.

The Quince Garden is a bespoke collection of tablecloths, napkins, plates and serving dishes  marrying pale pastel tones with intricate botanical illustration. The motifs are inspired by a  decorative archive fabric produced by the Colefax studio.

Colefax Design Studio said that ‘Ditchley is an important and much loved historical design for Colefax and Fowler produced  by our own design studio. It was inspired by the botanical designs of Chelsea porcelain from  the late eighteenth century, and features an enticing mix of English plants and flowers painted  in a lively hand.’

Carole Bamford chose the print as the hero emblem for her collection with Colefax,  transporting the archive design to a vibrant tabletop setting suited to indoor and outdoor dining.  The vibrant palette and watercolour wash give the collection an elegant yet contemporary feel,  while the classic style of illustration gently recalls the heritage of the two brands and nods to  the traditions and history at its heart.

The tablecloths and napkins are available in two colourways: lilac and green, both delicately  printed with the floral design, which includes tulips, passion flowers, cyclamen, ferns,  hazelnuts, rosehips and fritillaries. The tablecloths have been produced on broad looms to  provide a generous width for any table and allow the decoration to shine. The weighted linen  complements the relaxed aesthetic.

In 2021, Carole visited one of the oldest and most authentic ceramic workshops in Provence,  Atelier Soleil. The faience maker Atelier Soleil works natural clay by hand, using centuries old methods of embossing, throwing and molding. The faience (ceramic) is fired twice: once  to cook the dried clay, or ‘biscuit’; then again after it has been glazed and painted, to give the  ceramics a smooth, glass-like finish. As an avid collector of Chelsea ware, and with her deep  appreciation for the craft, this trip inspired Carole to work with Atelier Soleil for the Quince Garden.

Daylesford Organic x Colefax and Fowler collection


The ceramics are hand-painted by the workshop’s resident painter who has translated the  original Colefax fabric into six hero designs. Each references the colour palette of the  tablecloths and napkins, which unites the collection as a complete tablescape, while a single  item will also act as a striking statement piece.

Alongside the tablecloths and ceramics, Daylesford also introduces its Quince Garden candle, which is inspired by the orchard of quince trees in Carole’s garden at home. With its  bright notes of magnolia and citrus, the candle ties the collection together and brings the tablescape to life through the uplifting fragrance of a late spring or summer day.

‘Planning a table – using colour, texture and shapes to create an engaging and inviting setting  is something I’ve always loved doing. An elegant, curated table sets the tone for a meal. It  expresses a sense of occasion and shows your guests or family that you’ve made a special  effort.

So it has been such a wonderful opportunity to work alongside Colefax and Fowler, a  brand I have admired and brought into my own home for so many years, to create this bespoke  range for Daylesford. These pieces are a beautiful rendering of our vision, the skills,  craftsmanship, intricate design reflecting the values that permeate our brands. I hope the  collection will provide inspiration and joy on the tables it comes to inhabit.’ Carole Bamford 

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