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As social media marketing is increasingly harder and harder to crack, as well as it is becoming more expensive for small creative businesses, PR is among other disciplines that can help you with visibility and brand exposure. But how do you know whether your PR efforts will pay off? How can you prepare your pitches so they generate traction and lead to amazing press features? What kind of features and stories journalists and editors are looking for? What are the PR trends 2022?

As any other industry PR is changing fast. It simply has to adapt to the world around it. This means that what worked last year may not work this year. As the mood in society changes, stories that are told through media reflect that change too. In this PR Trends 2022 conversation, two industry insiders (Karolina Barnes, ESTILA and Rosie Davies, PR Dispatch) discuss five key changes in PR, helping you shape your result-driven PR strategies. Highlighting five important trends every independent creatively-led business can easily prepare for and integrate into their PR campaigns and pitches, you will leave this session with actionable insider tips.

Through case studies and examples, we cover story angles and pitching tactics for you to maximise your PR efforts and budgets, bringing it all together into an effective PR plan for the whole year ahead. An unmissable opportunity to gain insightful information your business will benefit from, helping you stand out more in front of editors and journalists, and driving the best possible PR results for you in 2022.

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